ASK Research Project Syllabus & Curriculum: Class of 2022 and Newer

Our foundational expectations for the research project are that students (or student groups) will:

  1. Create their own research question
  2. Design the research study themselves

The role of the mentor/advisor is to guide students in the research project, motivate them, and help them when they get stuck. The project should be student designed and led.

There are deliverables due for each ASK session. It is each individual student's responsibility to ensure they understand the components and hand items in on time. These deliverables build on each other and also include research progress reports due mid semester during ASK I and II.

By Spring 2020 this page will house sections for each ASK session I-V. They will be viewable when completed in chronological order.

Visualization of the Research Project Timeline

This is a timeline of all the deliverables and, if you follow it, you should be able to have a presentation submitted by ASK IV. If presenting a poster or paper at a conference is one of your goals for your research project consider timing this for ASK III as many conferences are held during the summer (or even late spring) months. All assignment drop boxes and instructions are embedded within their respective ASK sections below.