Clinical Electives

Elective clerkships are offered to MSU College of Human Medicine in all seven community campuses. In the Shared Discovery Curriculum electives can be taken in 2 or 4 week blocks. Electives must be taken in a continuous 2 or 4 week block with the same preceptor, office or service, and  prerequisites may exist. Learn more about Clinical Electives.

Student Resources

Looking for a information or how to find MSU community campuses, shared discovery curriculum, financial aid, funding and more; check out the Student Resources page.

Third and Fourth Year Students

View and learn more about the Third Year Students and Fourth Year Students at are taking electives at the Midland Regional Campus.


View MSU Graduates from the Midland Regional Campus and what disciplines that have gone into.

MSU - CHM Intercampus Elective Request

Are you looking to request electives from the Midland Regional Campus? Learn more about the Application Process.

Culture of Caring

If you would like to submit suggestions, concerns or questions, confidentially, to the Culture of Caring team you can do so by emailing

Visit MSU Culture of Caring for more information.