CNO Letters

Welcome Messages from our Chief Nursing Officers

Learn more about MyMichigan Health and its subsidiaries and why our Chief Nursing Officers have chosen MyMichigan Health as their Go-To Place to work.

Tammy Terrell, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer - MyMichigan Health

Photo of Tammy Terrell, VP and CNO, MidMichigan Health.

On behalf of the entire nursing team, it is with great pride that I welcome you to MyMichigan Health. Our team here is on a journey to excellence and is committed to fostering a culture of collaboration through our shared governance structures. 

I have had a rewarding career at MyMichigan Health, spanning 38 years with opportunities to work in many different specialty areas in nursing as a staff nurse and also in leadership roles. Throughout my years at MyMichigan I have had support and resources to pursue both formal and informal education that supported my professional growth and development through certifications, internal/external conferences and advanced nursing degrees. My journey at MyMichigan has allowed me to be part of many amazing changes and advancement in nursing practice that has impacted the health and well-being of others. It has brought with it the opportunity to work with many amazing individuals and teams; dedicated, compassionate, courageous, and determined to make a difference. 

There is a quote by Margaret Mead that really sums up the power of people coming together for a common cause:  “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has.”  I have witnessed this many times in my career, it is our people that make the difference. MyMichigan Health is committed to excellence in all that we do, “Creating Healthy Communities – Together”. 

I have never felt more privileged or proud to be a nurse, to be in healthcare, and to be a member of the MyMichigan Health team.

Tammy Terrell, MSN, RN
Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
MyMichigan Health

Deb Pokorzynski, Vice President of Nursing - MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena

Dear Fellow Nurse,

Thank you for your interest in joining a fantastic, talented medical team here at MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena. You will be working alongside a very competent and elite group of professionals who impact our community and deliver world class care that our patients have come to expect and trust.

Our nurses show an uncompromising commitment to providing a healing environment built on compassion, quality, and patient and family centered care. Our nursing department consists of a team of highly qualified professional registered nurses that are well educated to take care of the needs of our patients. A team of licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants support the RNs in order to enhance the patient experience. Our staff is encouraged to take pride in their profession, mentor new nurses, and leave a legacy of excellence and advocacy for the patients.

As part of the MyMichigan Health System, you will have numerous opportunities for career growth through our generous tuition reimbursement program, educational offerings, committee involvement, and leader advancement.

MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena is located in beautiful northeast Michigan. We have an abundance of waterways that provide countless opportunities for fun and adventure. In addition to the water we have many wooded areas that provide great opportunities for hunting, hiking, camping, and many other exciting activities.

Thank you for considering MyMichigan as the next opportunity in your career.

Deb Pokorzynski, BA, RN
Vice President of Nursing
MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena

Glenn King, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer - MyMichigan Medical Center Clare

Thank you for taking time to explore our career opportunities available at MyMichigan Medical Center Clare. MyMichigan Medical Center Clare has been a long standing healthcare provider that has provided compassionate and evidenced based medicine to the Clare County and surrounding communities for over 70 years. We are proud to serve this rural community, and look forward on continuing to have a positive impact on their health and well-being.

We have implemented the Relationship Based Care model and nursing is the foundation in driving the patient experience to provide exceptional service. The Relationship Based Care model recognizes that the patient is in the center of all we do, and focuses on the relationship with self, the relationship with colleagues & co-workers, and the relationship with patients/families.

I chose MyMichigan Medical Center Clare because of the wonderful people that are here and to make a difference in the community that we serve. There is a strong sense of family shown by the team. I believe you will feel welcome from the time you enter the front door. We look forward to becoming your new work family.

Thank you for considering MyMichigan Medical Center Clare as the next opportunity in your career. I am confident you will love the family of compassionate health care professionals that you will be working with each day.

Glenn King, MBA, MSN, RN
Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer
MyMichigan Medical Center – Clare

Nicole Gillette, Vice President of Nursing - MyMichigan Medical Center Gladwin and West Branch

Hello Everyone,

Healthcare has gone through some tough times of late. Through it all MyMichigan Health has remained strong and resilient. I want to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for nurses’ dedication, selflessness and devotion to our profession of nursing. 

MyMichigan Health had a new purpose statement, “Creating Healthy Communities – Together.” Nursing has a significant role in this. We interact with our patients, families and communities every day. Our presence and work with them makes a lasting impression. We are advocates for them, their families and their well-being. We are skilled, resourceful and can handle a challenge like no other. 

Throughout my nursing career, I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from some great mentors. Starting as a nursing assistant, then advancing to a registered nurse and achieving an advanced degree, I have been able to witness nursing empowerment and the ability of the nursing profession to make a difference in healthcare. I have worked in multiple types of care settings as a staff member and leader. MyMichigan Health offers nurses many opportunities in regards to education, career advancement and varied practice settings. The MyMichigan nursing professional practice model involves care of patient, family, colleague and self. Shared governance and relationship based care provide the structure for nursing care here at MyMichigan. Nurses are invited to be involved in committees, policy/procedure development and decision-making for our health system.

I ask everyone to think back to your decision to become a nurse. Why? What guided you toward that decision? I know exactly when that occurred for me. As a young child, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. The care I received by my nurses, especially when my family could not be at my bedside, impressed upon me that I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up. Coincidentally, my care was provided at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland forty-five years ago. How fortunate and proud I am to be working in the same healthcare system that took care of me as a child. Reflecting on my twenty-seven years of nursing, I know I made the correct career choice. I hope that each of you can discover something that has guided you along your career path and continues to motivate you every day.  Please share that with your peers and work to cultivate and mentor others.

Thank you,

Nicole Gillette, MSN, RN
Vice President of Nursing
Nursing Informatics Specialist
MyMichigan Medical Center Gladwin and West Branch

LeeAnn Chadwick, Vice President of Nursing - MyMichigan Medical Center Alma

Fellow Nurse and colleague,

Welcome to MyMichigan Medical Centers Central Region. Of the seven MyMichigan subsidiaries, the Central Region medical centers are located in the cities of Alma, Mt. Pleasant and Clare. These facilities provide a diverse array of medical, surgical, rehabilitation, and behavioral health services along with emergency care, urgent care, wound treatment, infusion, and home medical care to patients in central Michigan. Regardless of your nursing passion, MyMichigan Health likely has a professional Relationship-based Care team that is waiting to welcome their next member to join in the mission.

The busy rural inpatient hospitals in Alma and Clare ensure our communities have the opportunity to seek robust medical care close to home with the reassurance of remaining in their familiar surroundings. Our Registered Nurses are required to maintain a diverse skill set to manage any type of situation that presents itself. They are involved in efforts to support excellent care by participating in shared governance Unit Practice Councils that drive the way care is provided. We are afforded the powerful advantage offered by our partnership with Michigan Medicine, the academic medical center of the University of Michigan. Our staff work together on evidence-based practice, collaborative research, and improvement in quality care; including telemedicine—a crucial bridge in the rural setting.

The medical center of the future stands in Mt. Pleasant. It offers a 24/7 emergency care center, an outpatient surgery center, infusion center, physician offices, lab, and imaging. This state of the art center is located in a vibrant city that is home to Central Michigan University. Nurses in our Mt. Pleasant facility embrace the opportunity to learn about their patients quickly and make every effort to ensure they feel confident and well cared for.

With our focus on quality, patient safety, and patient and staff satisfaction, I think you will find that your development as a professional nurse will flourish at MyMichigan Health. The opportunities to learn and grow are endless and, in the process, are having a rewarding impact on patient outcomes. It is because of the daily contributions of our nurses that we are able to advance the profession of nursing and transform the lives of our patients each and every day.

Warm Regards,

LeeAnn Chadwick, MSN, RN
Vice President of Nursing
MyMichigan Medical Center Alma