Research Council

As part of Shared Governance, the Nursing Research & Evidence-based Practice Council works to enhance the quality and safety of patient care through the use of current research and evidence-based practice (EBP). Our interdisciplinary team strives to strengthen accountability and engagement in professional nursing practice through this process.

The Nursing Research & EBP Council uses the Iowa Model as its system-wide EBP model for nursing research. We have developed and oversee a process, in collaboration with MyMichigan Health’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), for internal and external nurses to conduct research projects across our hospital system. In addition to this, our Council is working with the Nursing Education & Professional Development Council to develop staff education that focuses on professional development, EBP, and research. A Journal Club with associated contact hours is in development as well.

Any provider or student currently working at MyMichigan Health may present a new study to the IRB for consideration by submitting an electronic protocol via IRBNet ( All protocols including revisions and renewal must be submitted electronically via IRBNet, and all review decision letters will be issued electronically via IRBNet. Paper Copies are no longer accepted.