Maternal Child Health Unit

Fast Facts

  • Average Daily Census FY2020
    • Maternity 7.76
    • Nursery 5.87
    • Pediatrics 2.53
  • Nurse to Pt Ratio
    Dependent of phase of care and acuity but typically:
    • Labor 1:1-2
    • Postpartum 1:2-3 (Mom and baby)
    • Circulating & OR recovery 1:1
    • Antepartum 1:2
    • Peds, Gyn, and Triage 1:3
  • PCT to Pt Ratio
    1 to 2 for unit
  • Shifts
    Traditional 12 hr/shifts; 7 a.m. - 7:30 p.m., 7 p.m. - 7:30 a.m.
  • Certifications Available
    RNC-OB, certification in inpatient obstetrics through the NCC and IBCLC, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, BLS, PALS, ACLS

Maternal Child Health Unit is a combination of two units one 13 Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum (LDRP) and 2 LDR rooms and another 14-bed unit that cares for the pediatric population, serves as an overflow unit for postpartum, antepartum patients, and gynecological patients. The LDRP side also has an OR for cesarean sections and an OB triage for outpatient testing.

We care for all pregnant patients from thirteen weeks gestation through labor and delivery and the postpartum period. Any gynecological patient (mostly post op) and children from birth until age 17.

Nurses on this unit are trained in most, if not all areas of patient care and patients are cared for in the primary nursing style. This makes it easier for nurses to have continuity of care from antenatal testing through postpartum. Some nurses are even able to continue care years later for a patient that returns for a gynecological procedure.

The unit has one of the few labor lounges in the state of Michigan. This is a room our patients who are a “rule out labor” can use to assist with the discomforts of early labor by allowing a quiet space for women to try different relaxation and positioning techniques. The teamwork and care of co-workers foundation of Relationship Based Care is displayed by all staff on this unit and can easily be observed by patients and their families. These foundations are the nursing culture of our unit and make providing excellent care and achieving excellent patient outcomes easier to obtain consistently.

Orientation of new staff, teaching of different classes (fetal heart monitoring, NRP, OR recovery, circulating and scrub training), Unit Practice Council, System Nursing Councils, mock codes, and process improvement are opportunities to help engage our staff.

Orientation is conducted in stages on Maternal Child Health Unit. Nurses new to the Unit learn 10 different phases of care, each with their own orientation of varying length. 

Type of Orientation

  • Postpartum
  • Labor and delivery
  • Well baby and care of baby at delivery (“baby catching”)
  • Care of level one nursery patient (newborn requiring support via oxygen, phototherapy, etc.) stabilization and transfer of higher acuity newborn or preterm infant
  • Circulating nurse in OR
  • OR recovery
  • Pediatrics patients of varying diagnosis (mini med-surg patients)
  • Gynecological patients
  • Triage
  • Antenatal testing and care.

Some nurses also complete a six to eight-week training to become a scrub nurse and assist the surgeons with cesarean sections.

What Our Employees are Saying

  • “I enjoy the variety that my job has to offer. We wear multiple different hats and each day can be very different, which keeps the shift exciting.” — Megan Bowland, B.S.N., R.N.

  • “No matter what is going on or how busy our unit is your coworkers always have your back! The teamwork here is phenomenal.” — Danielle Seguin, R.N.

  • “Working on Labor & Delivery and Pediatrics at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland allows nurses to explore a variety of nursing care areas within Maternal Child Health services. With the variety our unit has to offer, there is little opportunity for monotony or stagnation. Each day brings new challenges and with dedicated teamwork, we are able to operate like a well-oiled machine in providing excellent care to all of our patients.” — Stephanie Horschig, B.S.N., R.N.