Surgical Services Unit

Fast Facts

  • Number of Beds
    • 13 Operating Rooms
    • 1 Cystoscopy Room
  • Nurse to Pt Ratio
    • Staff is based upon unit needs and surgical case load.
    • Staff is based on currently AORN, AAMI
    • OR 1:1 
  • PCT to Pt Ratio
    1 to 2 for unit
  • Shifts
    8, 10, and 12-hour shifts plus 24-hour Call
  • Certifications Available

Surgical Services, also referred to as the Main OR, is located on the second floor of MyMichigan Medical Center Midland. We follow the AORN and AAMI standards and are a state of the art surgical department with 13 OR’s and one cystoscopy room. We typically see 9,000 cases annually and have 24/7 call coverage. Patients are assessed by our Pre-anesthesia Department a week prior to day of surgery. We take care of patients before, during, and after their surgery.

Type of Orientation

  • Neuro Procedures
  • General Surgery
  • GI Procedures
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Cardiac Procedures
  • Urological Procedure
  • OB/GYN Procedure
  • Podiatry Procedure

The Main OR in Midland prides itself in providing excellent care to our patients and their families with compassion and respect. The department strives for great Teamwork with the RN’s, Scrub Techs, FA’s, ORT’s, Surgeons, Anesthesia, and housekeeping. We all work together to make our days flow efficiently and safely, always putting our patient first in everything we do.

Surgical Services offer staff the ability to enhance their skills and knowledge. This includes participating in annual mock codes, difficult airway management codes, MH codes, MTP codes, system nursing councils, and annual skills fair. Quality measures are reviewed by our unit practice council and this will gage process improvement.

Unit orientation is given by highly skilled mentoring staff and Buddy program. On average it takes 9-12 months to complete the detailed orientation process. Each new staff member is given a department orientation binder to follow during orientation. 

What Our Employees are Saying

  • “One of the things I enjoy about working in the operating room is working as a team to care for our patient. Each member has their own role, yet we all help each other to achieve our goal; excellent patient care and the best possible surgical outcome.” — Ali Klein, C.S.A./C.S.F.A.

  • “I love working in the OR because every day may be a different mix of things. You are able to work with a different complement of staff, physicians, and within many different surgical specialties as well. If you enjoy having a specialty niche, that can also be found here. I love being an expert within a surgical specialty, but I still need the variety to do a bit of everything within the week so that I do not get restless from day to day.  Working in the OR affords me the opportunity to be an expert in different specialties, yet still have the variety of daily work experiences in other areas of surgery!” — Tracy Augustine, R.N., C.N.O.R.

  • "I enjoy the operating room because it’s fun, exciting, there’s always something to do and new things to learn.” — Valencia Holmon, Operating Room Administrative Assistant

  • "Even my worst day here is better than anywhere else I’ve ever worked before.” — Shelly Shaver, R.N., C.N.O.R.

  • "One of the things I enjoy the most about working at MyMichigan Health is the opportunities that are presented to me to advance myself and my career. If I am willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen; I know from working in previous organizations that is not always the case. MyMichigan Health has the most state-of-art equipment and dedicated staff I have had the pleasure of working with. Finally, I also VERY much enjoy living in the community which we serve, Midland, and central Michigan in general is a GREAT PLACE to LIVE!” — Jodie Strom, C.S.F.A., C.S.T., C.S.P.D.T.

  • "I love working in the OR because everyone helps you! I have only been here for three months and everyone one has been extremely helpful! Being new to the OR not knowing a thing about anything down here has made a world of difference with everyone being so welcoming. When I’m in the hallway everyone says ‘Hi’ and asked if I need any help or they ask how everything is going! It’s been a wonderful transition for me.” — Alexandria Humphreys, R.N.