Surgical Services Unit

Fast Facts

  • Number of Beds
    • 5 Pre-op rooms
    • 9 PACU bays
    • 3 Operating rooms
    • 1 Endoscopy procedure room
    • 1 Procedure room
  • Nurse to patient ratio
    We focus on patient specific needs and match staffing to the level of care needed but generally our ratio is: 
    • 1:3 Pre-op
    • 1:1-2 PACU - Adult
    • 2:1 PACU - Peds
    • 1:1 OR
  • Shifts
    8 hour shifts with Call for OR staff
  • Certifications Available

Surgical Services Unit is located on the second floor of MyMichigan Medical Center West Branch. We have three running operating rooms, one procedure room, and one endoscopy room. We see approximately 2500 cases yearly; which include adult and pediatric patients over two years old on case by case basis. Patients are evaluated by our pre-anesthesia department prior to their procedure or operation.

Types of Patient Care 

  • General surgery
  • GI procedures
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Ophthalmic surgery
  • Pain Management Procedures
  • Obstetrics/Gynecological, expected in 2021

West Branch Surgical Services provides high level medical care that is consistent with MyMichigan Health’s Professional Practice Model. We place our patients and families at the center of our care. Together, our staff is composed of RN’s, Scrub Technicians, CRNA’s, Physicians, Sterile Processing Techs, Secretarial, and other ancillary departments. We work together to provide our patients and families safe care with the best possible outcome.  As we provide exceptional care, we do so with safety, efficiency, professionalism, and evidence based practices in mind. 

Staff enhances their skill and knowledge through yearly competency training and biannual ACLS certification as well as hospital training modules. Professional development is available through continued education options available online with Connect, our online learning management system. Process improvement is integrated within our UPC (Unit Practice Council); a combined effort of RNs and surgical tech leadership.

Unit orientation is conducted through mentoring with an identified preceptor; new staff members are provided a guided orientation and take an average of 6 months to independently circulate a room. Buddy call is a paired up calling system that allows new nurses to learn the call routine as they are oriented and allow them to grow their skills. One of our departmental goals is for staff to become cross-trained to work in several areas within the unit.

What Our Employees are Saying

  • “I’ve always loved operations and procedures so I knew I was meant to be in the Operating Room.” — Nicci McCray, R.N.

  • “I like working in the OR because people come in injured or need care; we’re able to help improve their lives in the best way we can.” — Noreen Baird, R.N.

  • “I came to West Branch OR because I enjoy being a part of the surgical team. I like helping the patient to get through their experience.” — Bradley Denslow, R.N.