MyLEAD is the leadership development program at MyMichigan Health. MyLEAD is an acronym for Leadership, Exploration, Adaptation, and Development. The foundation of the program is rooted deeply within the organizations purpose, goals, values, foundational elements, and strategic initiatives. There are several tracks, or components, of the program:

New Leader

The new leader track is for the employee who is new or transferred into a leadership role. A leadership role is described as an employee who holds a title as supervisor, manager, director, or executive. The goal of this track is to capture the new leader within the first month of their new role to provide a system-level on-boarding, along with resources and information on the organization's five foundational elements and strategic plan.

  • Initiates onboarding of new leaders
  • Orients new leader to culture of organization and processes necessary for leadership responsibilities


This track is for current leaders or those who hold a supervisor title or above and have been in their role for more than a year. The expectation is that current leaders attend the quarterly MyLEAD-CORE courses in addition to any MyLEAD Monthly sessions that may be applicable to their role.

  • C.O.R.E. stands for:  Communications, Operations, Recruitment/Retention, and Engagement
  • Quarterly topics reflect system initiatives for existing leaders

MyLEAD Monthly

This track is for current leaders or those who hold a supervisor title or above and have been in their role for more than a year have attended the New Leader and C.O.R.E. courses. Leaders are encourages to attend sessions applicable to their role.

  • Timely and relevant topics reflective of needs assessment and leader interests
  • New topics monthly
  • In-person and virtual offerings

Engaged Learner

Provides ongoing professional development to all leadership positions within MyMichigan Health. While MyMichigan Health recognizes the contribution of all employees throughout the system the Engaged Learner program was developed to give support and developmental opportunities to our highly engaged employees.

  • A program for high performing employees not currently in leadership roles to develop leadership skills and set professional goals
  • Application process annually, top candidates are chosen from the applicant pool
  • Consists of two half day sessions to explore career goals and objectives
  • Participants complete a project developed with their sponsor/supervisor