New Nurse Manager - Transition to Practice Program

The New Nurse Manager Transition to Practice Program is in the pilot stages in select areas throughout the health system.  The New Nurse Manager Transition to Practice Program is a planned, comprehensive, competency-based program through which currently licensed registered nurses serving in the nurse manager role can demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to meet the standards of practice defined by a professional society or association or the applicant organization. The program may include organizational orientation and must consist of practice-based experience and supplemental activities to promote nursing professional development.

The Transition to Practice Program for New Nurse Managers is aligned with the nurse manager competencies created by the American Organization of Nurse Executives© (AONE) and the American Association for Nursing Leadership© (AONL). The program is also designed to focus on the competencies addressed by and assessed in the Certified Nurse Manager and Leader© (CNML) Examination.

Competencies Addressed

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Foundational Thinking Skills
  • Technology
  • Strategic Management
  • Clinical Practice Knowledge
  • Personal and Professional
  • Accountability
  • Career Planning
  • Personal Journey Disciplines
  • Optimizing the Leader Within
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership Skills
  • Relationship Management and Influencing Behaviors
  • Diversity
  • Shared Decision Making

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Transition to Practice Program - Example Topics

  • MyMichigan Health Strategic Priorities, Behavioral Standards, Onboarding & Interviewing
  • EPSI Navigation, Budget Review, Financial Statements & Planning
  • Competency Assessment, Job Descriptions & Requirements, Department Charges & Materials Management
  • Job Performance Review (feedback), Position Justification, Discipline Policy, FMLA & Talent Management
  • Kronos, PTO Requests, Staffing (benchmarking), Time off Banks & Pay Adjustments
  • Communication, Staff Meetings & Beyond – Best Practice
  • Joint Commission & CMS Regulations
  • Rewards, Recognition, Top Performer & REACH Program
  • Magnet Overview, Shared Governance & Engaging Staff
  • Data – NDNQI, PRC, Quality Metrics, Variance Reporting, Chart Audits & Huddle Boards
  • Conflict Management, Employee Complaints & Navigating Burnout
  • Stress Management, Professional Development, Time Management, Prioritization & Managing Outlook