Photoof a reaching towad the stars. Symbolizing the Nursing REACH program at MidMichigan Health.The REACH Program is designed to reward, recognize, and retain clinical (bedside) nurses for their contribution to nursing through continued education and professional development activities. This professional advancement program is available to clinical nurses after having been employed at MyMichigan Health for one year. 

In the REACH Program clinical nurses earn points based on the development of a professional portfolio. The program is a peer-based program with members of the Nursing Education and Professional Development Council serving as the steering committee. 

The REACH Program nurses are honored during an award presentation during the annual Nursing Symposium. There is a financial incentive associated with the program at many of the subsidiaries. Eligible clinical nurses can earn up to $3,000 annually! The competitive program began in 2017 and the number of clinical nurses in the program has continued to grow each year!