Vendor Guidelines

Mission Statement

The mission of the Purchasing Department is to support all MyMichigan Health subsidiaries in the acquisition of goods and services in a manner that best meets the overall needs of the Health System. This will be achieved through product and process standardization, identification of opportunities for overall cost reductions, negotiations for favorable agreements, and the identification of opportunities for continuous process improvement.

Corporate Purchasing Philosophy

MyMichigan Health Materials Management areas are committed to supporting our subsidiaries in achieving the same systems and cost-effective programs through a sharing of technical expertise, management and a coordinated approach to material needs.

Vendor Philosophy

  • MyMichigan Health is committed to fostering good vendor relations and recognizes the valuable contributions its vendors and suppliers make. MyMichigan Health commits itself to creating an environment where only the most reputable and competitive vendors are associated with the Health System.
  • MyMichigan Health will maintain ethical, businesslike relationships with vendors and suppliers of equipment, materials, and services. To assure this businesslike relationship, vendors are expected to follow MyMichigan Health purchasing and corporate procedures and conduct their business in a professional manner. Acting under the prudent buyer concept, all vendors of MyMichigan Health are expected to treat the organization as a "most favored" customer in this geographical region. Equipment, materials, and services shall be offered at a price that is equal to or lower than the vendor's current customers paying for the same equipment, materials and services.
  • Gratuities, including meals, should not to be offered to employees of MyMichigan Health. Vendors who wish to make a donation to a MyMichigan Health subsidiary should contact the Fund Development department at (989) 839-3342.

Authorized Agents

For the purposes of signing contracts, the authorized agents of MyMichigan Health subsidiaries include the Purchasing Agents and Buyers as well as the Purchasing Manager/Supervisor, Contracts Manager, Contracts Analyst, Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the respective organizations. Agreements signed by unauthorized personnel of any MyMichigan Health subsidiary may be deemed invalid.

Procedure for Calling on the Purchasing Department

  • Vendors must register with MyMichigan Health’s Vendor Credentialing Program prior to doing business. Information about this program can be found here:
  • A vendor wishing to talk with a MyMichigan Health purchasing agent or buyer is requested to make an appointment prior to the visit. Unscheduled vendors may be denied conferences.
  • Appointments may be made by calling the Purchasing Agent or Buyer directly. 
  • The vendor shall follow MyMichigan Health’s Vendor Check-In policy. 
  • The Vendor shall fully comply with MyMichigan Health’s Vendor Credentialing Policy prior to arrival. Copies of this policy can be obtained by contacting a MyMichigan Health Buyer or Purchasing Agent or by visiting

Procedure for Calling on Department Managers and Supervisors

  • A vendor wishing to see department managers or supervisors shall make appointments with that person in advance. Purchasing may, on occasion, make appointments for vendors if requested, and will notify vendors if anyone has requested to see them.
  • Due to the limited parking, all vendors are requested to park in the Open or Employee parking areas only. Do not park in areas designated for patients.     
  • The Vendor shall fully comply with MyMichigan Health’s Vendor Credentialing Policy prior to arrival. Copies of this policy can be obtained by contacting a MyMichigan Health Buyer or Purchasing Agent or by visiting

Use of Purchase Orders

  • All purchase orders require a purchase order (PO) number.
  • All deliveries require a visible PO number on the packing slip.
  • Deliveries that do not have a PO number properly identified may be returned to the vendor.
  • All trial supplies, equipment, and samples require a PO number to be brought into MyMichigan Health.
  • All repairs of equipment require a PO number, whether onsite or offsite at the vendor's location.

Competitive Bidding

  • MyMichigan Health subscribes to competitive bidding on capital expenditures and major supply purchases. Our primary Group Purchasing Organization affiliation is with Premier.
  • Purchasing will prepare specifications with the assistance of the requesting department manager and submit them for quotation to multiple vendors.
  • Vendors shall return all bids and proposals to the Purchasing Department only.
  • A bid closing date shall be identified on all requests and no bids or proposals shall be accepted after that date, unless otherwise approved by the Purchasing Department.
  • Bids shall be reviewed by both the requesting department manager and Purchasing after the closing date.
  • Whenever possible, the lowest bid will be accepted when all other factors are equal.
  • Final negotiations on price terms and delivery will be done by the Purchasing Department.
  • In most instances, the current supplier of goods or services shall have their current price considered as their quoted price in any bids.

Product Evaluation and Standardization

  • All new products or changes to existing products that are being evaluated for use within MyMichigan Health, including all trial evaluations, must be approved by the appropriate Value Analysis Team.
  • All physician product requests must come from the to the appropriate hospital personnel a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the desired use date. The only exceptions are supplies needed in emergency situations.
  • At the time a Supplier provides information to a Physician or department, product information and pricing shall be provided to MyMichigan Health Value Analysis and MyMichigan Health Supply Contracts.
  • MyMichigan Health will only discuss and consider the evaluation of products that have received FDA clearance/approval.


  • All products brought into MyMichigan Health as samples shall be delivered to the appropriate Purchasing Agent or Buyer who will then distribute the product to the appropriate departments. Pricing shall be submitted to the Purchasing Department prior to delivery of the sample.
  • If the samples are shipped into the receiving dock, a purchase order number must be referenced. This allows receiving to quickly have your product delivered to the requesting department. If a purchase order number is not referenced on the packing list, the samples may be discarded upon receiving.
  • Products/supplies will not be brought in without the consent of MyMichigan Health. Ramifications of such will include: non-payment and possible suspension of current representation with notification to the product company. Approval for use will be done by the Value Analysis Team (VAT).

Return Goods

After purchasing has obtained a return-of-goods authorization, products will be promptly returned.

Equipment Trials

  • No equipment will be authorized for trial within any MyMichigan Health subsidiary without the issue of a purchase order.
  • All patient related electrical/electronic equipment must be checked by Biomedical Services before delivery to the user department.


  • All products must be delivered to the receiving dock with a packing slip and packing slips must reference a valid purchase order number.
  • Items delivered to any department within MyMichigan Health will not be paid for without prior approval of the Purchasing Department.
  • Deliveries may occur between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday - Friday at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland, MyMichigan Medical Center Clare and MyMichigan Medical Center Gladwin hospital receiving docks.
  • Deliveries may occur between the hours of 7:30 am and 4 p.m. Monday - Friday at MyMichigan Medical Center Alma hospital receiving dock.
  • Purchasing must be notified in advance of deliveries requiring special handling or rigging.


  • MyMichigan Health has a strict “No PO, No Pay” policy. Vendors should not accept an order unless a valid PO number is given. Invoices that do not comply with the guidelines are subject to delay. Regular audits will highlight persistent requester and supplier offenders.
  • All invoices must be mailed to:

[insert appropriate subsidiary name here]
Attn: Pay Management
4000 Wellness Drive
Midland, MI 48670

  • There can only be one Purchase Order number per invoice. 
  • There must be an invoice number on all invoices.
  • Invoices must be legible and fully scannable. Handwritten invoices are not valid.
  • “Remit To” address must be shown and be the same as previously agreed with the Buyer.
  • The following invoice details must match the purchase order details:
  1. Purchase Order Number
  2. Line item number and description
  3. Quantity
  4. Price
  5. Unit of Measure


  • Quantities shipped in excess of the quantity ordered may be rejected, or kept in accordance with the U.C.C.
  • If an item is rejected, MyMichigan Health will notify the vendor to pick up the supplies within 21 days.
  • MyMichigan Health will not be responsible for damage, theft, cost and/or liability that may arise for items not ordered through Purchasing.

C.O.D. Payments

There will be no cash on delivery payments.

Freight Charges

It is the policy of MyMichigan Health to not pay freight charges unless special circumstances exist. Therefore, no freight will be paid unless it is stated on the purchase order.


MyMichigan Health may cancel an order for an item if the expected delivery date is not acceptable. Vendors are required to make immediate notification of backorders.

Pricing Terms and Conditions

  • Supplier shall supply emailed notification at least sixty (60) days prior to any changes to product components that affect the form, fit, function of the product being supplied.  Additionally, supplier shall provide email notification to MyMichigan Health Supply Contracts at least sixty (60) days prior to any product becoming obsolete to the market.
  • All pricing agreements require a minimum of 45 days notification in email form with Excel file of all products and proposed increases.  Excel file to include:  product code, description, purchase unit of measure, quantity per UOM, list price, discounted price, and pricing expiration.  The notification must be sent to Supply Contracts via email.
  • Mass letters are not acceptable and are immediately placed in the trash. All notifications/requests/proposals for pricing agreements must be directly sent to the Supply Contracts team via email.

Compliance with Hospital Rules and Regulations

Vendor/Contractors/Subcontractors are required to conduct business in full compliance with all MyMichigan Health Policies and Regulations as set forth in the Human Resource Policies, Infection Prevention Construction Protocols, HIPAA regulations and Safety rules. These policies include MyMichigan Health vendor/contractor training and orientation (including MyMichigan Health identification badge). In addition, vendor/contractor will follow Infection Control construction protocols as established. These will include maintaining clean work environment while providing active means to prevent airborne dust from dispensing into atmosphere (i.e. use of tented barriers and filtered negative air). Vendor/Contractor must schedule work with department manager where work is being performed. Vendor/Contract will take steps to ensure that they are in and remain in compliance with these rules at all times.

 Date Last Revised 10/16/2014

Contact Purchasing

For general inquiries, please email purchasing.

For questions about the credentialing process, email vendor credentialing.