Community Health Needs Assessment

Consistent with our mission, MyMichigan Health is dedicated to providing excellent healthcare services and improving the quality of life for people in our communities. MyMichigan Health has a long tradition of being a partner in community health by leveraging our resources to improve the places where our communities live, work and play.

Every three years, we conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to identify the salient health needs impacting the health status in our communities. Our assessment includes a systematic review of local data on:

  • the social determinants of health (i.e. lack of healthy food access, poverty, etc.)
  • population characteristics (i.e. age, sex, race, level of education)
  • other health indicators (i.e. obesity, cancer, etc.) that impact health

In addition, input from our community members and stakeholders are obtained to help us have a complete and accurate picture of the health status of the people living in the regions we serve.

Implementation Strategy

Each CHNA is used to develop an implementation strategy, a plan that outlines how each of our Medical Centers will address the top-ranked priority health issues identified during the assessment. The results of the CHNAs and implementation strategies are used to guide our investments in community health improvement programs. More information on each of the focus area can be found in the reports below.

Download Community Health Needs Assessment Plans

MyMichigan Health is pleased to share the CHNA and implementation strategy for each of our Medical Centers. We welcome public comment on our CHNAs and implementation strategies. Please share your feedback with our Community Health Team at (989) 839-1886 or email.