Sponsorships and Charitable Contributions

MyMichigan Health allows a budgeted amount of dollars for charitable donations and sponsorships. To best manage requests and allow for a timely response to address requests in a fair and equitable manner, a deadline-driven application process is used. Requests will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Sponsorship and Charitable Contribution Review Committee. Every effort will be made to identify opportunities with the greatest perceived impact on quality of life.

Upcoming Sponsorship Application Deadlines

Sponsorship requests will only be accepted via the following online sponsorship request form. Prior to submitting your application, please review the sponsorship criteria and limitations below, as well as upcoming sponsorship deadlines. This year's sponsorship application deadlines are:

  • February 28
  • May 30
  • August 31
  • November 30

Criteria for Support

Requests for charitable donations must fit into the criteria below which support MyMichigan’s focus on Community Engagement or Community Well-Being and shall be evaluated based on their adherence to the following:

  1. Must be a qualified community health benefit or health-related community awareness or strategic direction activity. A community health improvement service should meet one of the following criteria:
    • Improve access to care.
    • Enhance public/population health.
    • Advance knowledge through education and research.
    • Relieve government of burden for health.
  2. Promotes a culture of health.
  3. Provides a direct and measurable impact on the health of the community.
  4. Must be an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization.
  5. Meets one or more of the following community benefit/building objectives:
    • Target poor, medically underserved or special population.
    • Supplies a service that would be discontinued if the decision was made on a purely financial basis.
    • Accessible to the entire community regardless of their ability to pay.
    • Stimulates external community partnerships.
    • Improves access to care for underserved or at-risk populations.

Support Limitations

MyMichigan Health will not provide a charitable donation for any request:

  1. For community activities outside the communities served by MyMichigan Health
    and/or already completed.
  2. To support the administrative or operational costs of an organization/activity.
  3. To support the capital requests.
  4. To support new construction or the addition and/or remodel of an existing building or structure.
  5. To support any award request that requires a multi-year contribution of support.
  6. To support travel expenses or conference fees.
  7. From individuals; endowments; organizations that discriminate by race/religion/color/creed/gender/age/national origin; family foundations; organizations acting as an intermediary source for another nonprofit; political campaigns/candidates/parities or partisan activities; commercial for-profit business; an employee/other affiliated organization and/or government agency.
  8. That is a part of quid pro quo arrangement.
  9. For school sporting teams, events, clubs or extracurricular activities; sport or yearbook ads; golf outings; individual or group fundraisers and/or membership and association fees – unless part of an area of strategic focus for MyMichigan Health.
  10. From an organization that has already received a charitable donation during the
    current fiscal year.
  11. From an organization that failed to submit the overall results, including the health impact of their qualified community benefit/building activity for any pervious charitable donation provided within the stated timeframe. The report questions are found on the sponsorship application and award notification email. Questions are to be returned no later than 90 days following the close of the event.
  12. From any organizations that have not used a donation in a way that MyMichigan Health authorized and/or was not included in their award letters.

To support any activity that has already occurred and/or will occur prior to the application deadline. 

Awardee Expectations

Sponsorship awardees are expected to complete the following:

  1. Awarded organizations must submit a follow-up within 90 days of project completion that outlines the degree to which awarded funds impacted health of the community in order to comply with reporting requirements outlined in IRS Form 990 Schedule H. The report questions will be sent within the approval notification email.
  2. Only use awarded funds for qualified community benefit/building activities as outlined in their request and restricted communication letter provided with their award.
  3. Responsible for returning any unused funds in the event that activity/service is cancelled.     

How to Request Funds

Sponsorship requests will be only be accepted via the following online sponsorship request form.

Deadlines and fulfillment of requests will adhere to the following:

  1. Requests will be reviewed according to set application deadlines. Organizations will be notified of their award status within two (2) weeks following the application deadline.
  2. Processing of the contributions may take an additional two to three (2-3) weeks.
  3. Applicants missing the deadline will not be considered for the current giving cycle.
  4. Requests made between application deadlines will be held until the next giving cycle.

Requesting a Sponsorship or Donation

Applications will only be accepted via the online sponsorship request form. Applications may be submitted anytime and are reviewed at the beginning of each month. Organizations can expect to receive a reply to their application by the 15th of the month. If awarded support, payment can be expected within two to four weeks of notification. Prior to submitting your application, please review the sponsorship criteria and limitations as listed on this page. For questions or more information, please contact Millie Jezior, public relations manager, by  email or (989) 839-3351.

Requesting a Speaker

If you are looking for a speaker for a community group or event, please use our Speaker's Bureau Request Form.

Requesting Medical Mission Supplies

If you are seeking a supply request for an upcoming medical mission abroad, please complete our Medical Supply Request Form.