Thank You!

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Our donors make the impossible possible for the patients and family members we serve.

As a way of saying thanks, we have established an annual donor recognition program that totals all contributions that a donor makes to MyMichigan Health Foundation for support given during the calendar year.

Donor List

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Hearts for Hospice

“Virtual” Hearts

Buy a “virtual” heart, during the month of February, to show your support for hospice services in our region. Your gift of any size provides support to patients served by MyMichigan Home Care and will help terminally ill individuals by providing comfort and care during the final months of life.

Buy a Heart

Why Hospice Care Matters

Hospice provides clinical management of pain and other symptoms to allow individuals to live as fully as possible. Hospice staff members provide care in patients' residences, whether they live at home, at a friend or family member's home, nursing facility, an assisted living center or a foster care home. According to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, research has shown that Medicare beneficiaries that opted for hospice care as opposed to other medical interventions when faced with a terminal illness lived, on average, 29 days longer than those who did not receive hospice care. 

Your Gift Provides Comfort

MyMichigan Home Care offers both home hospice care and a hospice house. Our hospice house, Woodland Hospice House, is located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and offers an alternative to home hospice care when individuals are no longer able or desire to remain in their own homes. 

Your Gift Makes a Difference

In fiscal year 2021, over $286,000 from generous donor like you was used to support hospice patients in need who otherwise could not have afforded their care. 

Are You Able To Help Again?

The need for hospice care continues in our region and you are invited to join us in supporting hospice services to every patient who wants it. One hundred percent (100%) of your gift will be used to directly offset the cost of hospice care for patients seeking hospice services in their homes or in our Woodland Hospice House who otherwise cannot afford it. 

Make a Donation

Help provide hospice care, in your community, to all who need it during their final months of life. Donate to MyMichigan Health Foundation, Hospice Services or Woodland Hospice House today!

Donate Now

If you have questions about donating, please contact us at (989) 839-1932.