Special Prospects Committee

This committee serves to recognize the efforts of major donors in our area. There are a select number of individuals who are able to demonstrate their support of MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena to a greater degree than others.

The Special Prospects Committee recognizes the efforts of those individuals as members of its Keystone Society. These members pledge $10,000 or more to MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena.

Committee Members

Hal Neiman - Chair, Ann Burton, Bob Currier, Chuck Sherwin

The Keystone Society

Keystone Society members are committed to the future of our community, which extends beyond the routine, and includes a desire to continually seek excellence in the quality of healthcare for northeast Michigan.

To recognize these individuals, the Special Prospects committee of the MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena Development Council established the Keystone Society in 1994. Just as the keystone of an arch supports the structure from above, the Keystone Society is the pinnacle of support of the MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena’s Development Council.

Membership Eligibility

Lifetime membership to the Keystone Society is extended to those who make a contribution of $10,000 or more to MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena. This commitment may be fulfilled immediately, through 10 annual payments of $1,000 or by a schedule specified by the donor who will achieve their commitment within 10 years.

In addition, levels of the Keystone Society include silver, gold and platinum, recognizing cumulative gifts of $25,000 to $100,000 and above.

As a not-for-profit hospital with a 501 (c)(3) designation by the IRS, contributions to MyMichigan Health are deductible by donors as provided in section 170 of the IRS Code.

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