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Our donors make the impossible possible for the patients and family members we serve.

As a way of saying thanks, we have established an annual donor recognition program that totals all contributions that a donor makes to MidMichigan Health Foundation for support given during the calendar year.

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Planned Giving

Ensuring a Legacy of Trusted Care

Most people, when give the opportunity, would like to feel that they have mad a lasting contribution toward a better world, be it through their work, their community or through their family. We all want to fee we have touched someone in a positive way, possibly for many generations to come.

That small touch of immortality, the quiet satisfaction of giving something meaningful that will live on helping others, can be the priceless feeling enjoyed by those who choose to make a planned gift. 

There are various types of planned gifts that may also have positive tax advantages to you. Please review this information or download our free guide to planned giving that will help you understand your options for making a planned gift to the Medical Center.

Together, we hope we can help you realize how your donation will matter to enhancing the present and future lives of many served within our communities.

Your Gift Your Goal Your Benefits
Cash/Stock Benefits

Direct lifetime gift, charitable

  • Simple, immediate feel good tax deduction
Bequests Defer gift until after your lifetime
  • Reduces estate tax
  • Can specify how funds are used
Living Trusts Create trust during lifetime and maintain ability to change
  • Income from trust assets
  • Bypasses probate, private
  • Reduces estate tax
  • Revocable/amendable
Charitable Gift Annuity Supplemental income that is partially tax free
  • Income tax savings
  • Reduces capital gains tax
  • Stable income for life
  • Increases income
Retirement Plan Assets Avoid double taxation on - estate and income tax
  • Preserves plan value
  • Reduces tax liability for heirs
Life Insurance Make significant gift with little costs
  • Income tax deduction
  • Possible future deductions through gifts to pay premiums
  • Estate tax savings
Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Create a source of income
  • Income tax deduction
  • Fixed income for life
  • Reduces capital gains tax
  • Reduces estate tax
  • Can eliminate responsibility of managing investment
Charitable Remainder Unitrust Supplemental retirement income and hedge against inflation
  • Income tax deduction
  • Variable income for life
  • Higher rate of return on investments
  • Reduces capital gains tax
  • Reduces estate tax
  • Can eliminate responsibility of managing investment
Charitable Lead Trust Reduces estate and gift tax on assets passed on to family, provides income to charity
  • Reduces estate gift tax
  • Reduces gift tax for heirs

MyMichigan Health Foundation supports improving the health of residents throughout middle and northern Michigan by raising funds to support equipment, services and programs.

We encourage you to discuss your planning giving options with a financial advisor or tax professional.

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