Published on October 04, 2021

Outpatient Knee Replacement was perfect for Her Busy Lifestyle

Photo of Dr. John Murphy, D.O. standing in the lobby of the Riecker Surgery Center in Midland, Michigan.

Orthopedic Surgeon John Murphy, D.O., performed Ruth Clemens’ outpatient knee replacement procedure at MidMichigan’s Riecker Surgery Center.

Prudenville resident Ruth Clemens is a busy real estate broker, continuously touring homes with her clients, and doing a job she loves. When she began experiencing knee pain and difficulty with stairs, she sought temporary fixes and simply kept working through it. But after exhausting non-surgical options that weren’t able to improve her condition and with her pain worsening, her daily activities became more and more challenging. Clemens met with MidMichigan Health Orthopedic Surgeon John Murphy, D.O., who recommended an outpatient total knee replacement.

“I was amazed to learn Dr. Murphy could perform the procedure and have me home and on the path to recovery the same day,” she said. “I was a little apprehensive about doing it in one day, initially, but I spoke with a family member who is a retired nurse. She had gone through this procedure herself with success. That reassured me.”

Clemens had been working through arthritis for years. After performing an X-ray on her right knee, Dr. Murphy found her knee was bone on bone. He told her she would be a good candidate for the outpatient knee replacement procedure, explaining that this technique typically involves less pain following surgery and a shorter recovery time with no overnight stay.

Dr. Murphy performed the procedure at the Riecker Surgery Center on the campus of MidMichigan Medical Center – Midland. The 20,000 square-foot surgery facility provides comprehensive pre- and postoperative care for patients of all ages undergoing surgical procedures that allow for same-day discharge.

“I underwent my procedure in the morning, and I was home by 3 p.m. with Olive Garden carry-out,” said Clemens. “Incredible!”

Clemens began therapy the following day at Rehabilitation Services in MidMichigan Health Park – Houghton Lake. She attended sessions two to three times per week and was discharged after one month. She also made a point to continue exercises and stretching at home to reach full mobility. Today, she reports to having much greater endurance and can participate in more physical activity then she could prior to the replacement of the right knee. In fact, she will be returning soon to have the left knee done.

“Dr. Murphy, the Riecker Surgery Center staff and the facility are all 5-star,” said Clemens. “My care, treatment, and follow-up were excellent. I'm looking forward to my left knee procedure in September and anticipate it will be as pleasant as the last.”

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