Published on November 23, 2021

She Now Realizes it’s Not “Hip” to Wait to Take Action

Photo of Janet Eurich.

Janet Eurich enjoys staying busy, when she’s not walking miles at work, she’s gardening.

Janet Eurich has always been active. She likes to stay busy, walking miles at work as an OB nurse and gardening after hours. She spent her career making outstanding patient care a priority, but put her own health toward the bottom of her list. While Eurich had been experiencing hip pain on a daily basis for years, she put off dealing with it. Ultimately, it was the recommendation of a patient she was helping that spurred her to take action.

Eurich was having difficulty getting in and out of her car, crossing her knees, pivoting, or even getting comfortable in bed. She had heard good things about Orthopedic Surgeon James Lewis, D.O., and knew he was performing anterior hip replacements. This type of replacement is less invasive than a traditional hip replacement and has a quicker recovery period. “The day my own patient began singing Dr. Lewis’ praises, I took it as a sign and scheduled my surgery right away,” she said.

Dr. Lewis told her that her right hip did in fact require replacement and that she would be a good candidate for the anterior hip procedure. “I wasn’t surprised with the doctor’s evaluation of my condition and was relieved that he thought I would do well with this procedure,” she said. “He has a terrific bedside manner and is very caring. I trust him completely.”

The anterior hip replacement procedure is done with a small incision to the front (anterior) of the hip causing less trauma to the surrounding tissues. Unlike traditional hip replacement surgery, this approach allows the surgeon to work between muscles and tissue without cutting or detaching the muscle from either the hip or thigh bones. This allows for an accelerated recovery process and a quicker return to normal activity. Other benefits can include a smaller incision, fewer restrictions during recovery and faster rehabilitation. According to Eurich, she only had to use a walker for less than two weeks post-surgery and had great success with physical therapy. “I was so relieved after,” she said. “It made doing the work of therapy easy. I wished I had done it sooner.”

Eurich is back at work and received a great report at her follow-up appointment with Dr. Lewis. Everyday tasks that were causing her pain are now practically effortless. “As we age, we tend to put up with stuff,” she said. “But when you begin to feel daily pain, get it evaluated; don’t wait. Now I’m as active as I want to be without pain or worry, thanks to Dr. Lewis.”

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