Published on September 10, 2021

Specialized System Used to Monitor Rehabilitation Outcomes Data

To ensure patients are receiving the highest quality of rehabilitation care, MidMichigan Health is partnering with FOTO Patient Outcomes, a nationwide outcomes management system for medical rehabilitation providers. The FOTO system measures patients’ functional status to provide risk-adjusted, benchmarked reporting and quality management designed to help therapists provide an exceptional standard of care that is focused on patient outcomes.

Data is gathered by having patients complete survey assessments during their initial evaluation, at regular intervals and upon discharge. The amount of functional change is compared to a risk-adjusted national prediction from FOTO, providing a measurement of effectiveness.

MidMichigan submits standard data to FOTO on a regular basis. Each quarter, FOTO then shares risk-adjusted outcomes to provide fair comparative reporting on the effectiveness, efficiency and utilization of the treatment offered by MidMichigan Health.

“Since July 2020, we have submitted more than 13,500 patient surveys,” said Derick Roland, physical therapist/rehab coordinator for MidMichigan Health and lead FOTO facilitator. “We have scored more than 97 percent in patient satisfaction during this time. We also rank in the top 5 percent in improvements per visit for orthopedic episodes of care and we are consistently improving patient function in fewer visits than predicted.”

FOTO has provided risk adjusted national outcomes data to rehabilitation providers since 1992. The FOTO database contains more than 36 million assessments and over 12,000 clinics and 23,000 clinicians currently contribute to the database.

“FOTO has allowed us to obtain objective data of our patient’s function and measure how well we are doing at getting those patients better. Ultimately this helps us deliver superior and more efficient care for our patients” said Roland.

“MidMichigan Health has demonstrated their commitment to quality care by agreeing to compare their performance data to the other progressive organizations across the country who also participate in the FOTO network,” said Deborah Debord, product manager of FOTO Patient Outcomes. “FOTO outcomes data are beneficial because they provide a benchmark measure to prove overall quality and value of the services offered by a rehabilitation provider and organization.”

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