Published on December 20, 2021

Thankful for a Great Team to Help Her Battle COVID

Cheryl Neubecker pictured with her daughter Callie (left, front row) and her daughter-in-law’s Tina (left, back row) and Kris.

Cheryl Neubecker was born and raised in West Branch, and even raised her children there. After retiring from a career in a variety of hospital settings, she took a part-time job at the Nightmare Golf Course because she loves the sport, playing herself at every opportunity. Recently, she was forced to return to a hospital setting – this time as a patient at MyMichigan Medical Center West Branch. COVID-19 had circulated through Neubecker’s family, and she contracted the virus.

“I didn’t feel too badly at first,” she said. “I had the slightest cough and was feeling a little winded while walking, but I still thought it was just allergies. Because my daughter-in-law had tested positive and was admitted to the hospital, my son pretty much ordered me to get checked out.”

Neubecker went to the Emergency Department and tested positive for COVID. Her oxygen levels were dangerously low. “When I arrived, they took me right back,” she stated. “I must have looked pretty bad because within 10 minutes I was on oxygen with an IV.” Her symptoms progressed.

Because Neubecker is allergic to epinephrine, she is unable to receive the vaccine. She was admitted to the Medical Center and spent three of her six-day stay in the intensive care unit for acute respiratory failure due to COVID-19 pneumonia. “I have to say at that point I was really exhausted. I felt like I was hit by a truck,” she added. Neubecker received a five-day course of Remdesivir, an antiviral medication used to help stop the spread of the virus, along with a steroid and vitamins C and D. She was also instructed to sleep on her stomach to help minimize coughing which she reported was very helpful. “It was a good thing I went to the ER when I did, and that they were so attentive and quick to start treatment,” she said.

“The nurses and doctors were all fabulous,” Neubecker added. “The respiratory therapists were wonderful and I was so well taken care of.”  She was discharged with oxygen, which she used for a few days, and feels great now. “I’m grateful that my case wasn’t more severe and for the excellent staff.”

Neubecker is thankful that she was able to receive the care she needed right away in her hometown, where she feels comfortable, and receive it from familiar faces. She is also pleased that the same hospital that helped deliver her children is continually making advancements, and that she can rely on it still. Most of all, she is also thankful to be back working, golfing and playing with her grandchildren.

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