Published on May 11, 2022

Grateful for Specialized Orthopedics and Therapy Close to Home

Photo of Jeremy Welch playing pickleball.

In his free-time Jeremy Welch enjoys a competitive game of pickleball with his dad.

Rogers City resident and avid water skier Jeremy Welch knew something was amiss when he began having trouble holding the rope to stay up in the water. The pain in his right elbow was not only affecting his grip, it also began interfering with less stringent activities. After a course of occupational therapy that provided some temporary relief ended, pain increased and Welch became unable to avoid pain during his daily routine.

“I’m an active guy with three kids,” said Welch. “I had gone from skiing, bowling and playing pickleball to having difficulty opening a jar of pickles. I love pickles, so that was the last straw.”

Welch was referred to MyMichigan Health Orthopedic Surgeon Kiel Beltinck, D.O. for an evaluation. Dr. Beltinck ordered an MRI that indicated Welch would be a good candidate for surgery to treat epicondylitis in his right elbow. Epicondylitis, commonly known as tennis elbow, is inflammation of the tendons surrounding the elbow, typically due to overuse and repetitive motions of the forearm. Symptoms include pain, weakened grip strength, numbness and tingling.

“It was very easy to work with Dr. Beltinck’s office to get me on his schedule once we made the decision to proceed with surgery,” said Welch. “Communication from his office was excellent and everyone provided great service in a timely manner.”

During surgery, Dr. Beltinck learned that Welch’s condition was even more severe than an MRI initially showed, but he was able to perform the necessary repair work. Because of the extensive damage, however, Welch was restricted to no movement for one month following surgery.

“Being unable to use my right arm for that length of time was challenging to say the least,” said Welch. “I was pretty relieved when I was cleared for a round of post-operative therapy.” Welch requested to work with Occupational Therapist Benjamin Freeland, O.T.R.L., C.E.A.S., at MyMichigan Rehabilitation Services in Rogers City. Freeland was his therapist prior to his surgery. “Ben and I hit it off,” said Welch. “I was very comfortable working with him and felt it was helpful that he knew what I could and couldn’t do before surgery. He not only helped me get back to work, but I’ve been able to fully regain my grip strength and range of motion.”

Welch shared that all staff he came into contact with were impressive. “You see a person one time and they know you the next. Everyone remembered me and what we talked about.” Welch also utilized the MyChart patient portal to schedule, review billing and appointment summaries and find test results. “The portal is awesome,” he said. “Overall, I couldn’t have asked for greater expertise or a better experience.”

Welch is back to bowling, pickleball and the active lifestyle he enjoyed previously. He is looking forward to this summer and being able to get back out on the lake to test his water skiing skills again.

Those who would like more information about Dr. Beltinck may visit To inquire about MyMichigan’s physical or occupational therapy services in Rogers City call (989) 734-4254.