Published on May 12, 2022

Robotic-Assisted Knee Surgery Expedited His Recovery Progress

Photo of Alex and Elizabeth Pollock is taking a stroll around Dow Gardens to enjoy the beautiful colors and sounds.

A favorite springtime activity of Alex and Elizabeth Pollock is taking a stroll around Dow Gardens to enjoy the beautiful colors and sounds.

Alex Pollock, originally from Scotland, has been active in the Midland community for more than 30 years. He is an avid walker, biker and gardener. Last year, when he began experiencing left knee pain, he called upon his wife Elizabeth’s Orthopedic Surgeon, MyMichigan Health’s James Lewis, D.O., for a consultation.

“My wife, Elizabeth, and I had also come to know Dr. Lewis socially,” said Pollock. “I was not only impressed with him as her physician, but also as a person. I knew he would be the right orthopedic expert to consult with on evaluating my knee pain and helping me work toward a solution.”

Dr. Lewis identified arthritis in Pollock’s X-rays and discussed potential options. After attempting relief with cortisone injections and other non-surgical methods, they agreed that a partial knee replacement was necessary to best meet his goal of having full flexibility in that leg. “I’m a man with little hospital experience,” he said. “I have been very fortunate with my health and was unsure about what to expect, but Dr. Lewis was very assuring. He is open, forthright and kind and took the time to present options and explain everything.”

Dr. Lewis performed robotics-assisted unicompartmental knee arthroplasty using the CORI™ Surgical System at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland. “This specialized system is designed to help the surgeon plan and perform the procedure with a greater degree of accuracy and can often give patients better long-term outcomes,” said Dr. Lewis. “Accurate implant placement is especially important with a partial knee replacement since it requires that the new implant be correctly balanced with the remaining bone and cartilage in the joint. MyMichigan has been utilizing this advanced surgical technology since February 2021.”

“I was amazed that they had me up and walking the next day,” said Pollock. “The nurses were very caring and supportive. Everyone communicated so well with Elizabeth also about how things were going and what she might expect as a caregiver. We really appreciated that.”

When Pollock arrived for his 10-day follow-up, he was without a walker or cane, and Dr. Lewis was very pleased with his progress. Pollock was committed to quickly regaining strength and mobility and eagerly accepted the coaching of a gifted physical therapist. He now reports to being nearly 100 percent and is back enjoying all the activities he did before, now without pain.

“My experience with MyMichigan overall has been terrific,” said Pollock. “Even my follow-up appointments with Physician Assistant Dave Kenny, P.A.-C., have been excellent,” he added. “I believe he shares Dr. Lewis’s approach to his work as they both communicate in a straightforward yet compassionate manner. This whole process has been a bit like a relay race; each person has played an important role in my care, and now I’m approaching the finish line. I feel very blessed and grateful.”

Pollock is back to strolling in Dow Gardens and doing yardwork. He looks forward to warm weather and bike rides with Elizabeth.

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