Published on April 12, 2022

Thankful to Those Who Helped Shoulder the Load of Her Recovery

Photo of Charyl Turner holding a pan with a batch of her famous peanut brittle that she prepared..

Charyl Turner prepares a batch of her famous peanut brittle.

Ithaca resident Charyl Turner is no stranger to surgeries. Having had one shoulder and one knee previously repaired with surgery, she was experienced. She was not, however, prepared for the pain that came with a dislocated shoulder and rotator cuff tear from falling when she tripped over a dog. When it happened, Turner was fairly certain another surgery was in her future, and she was right. This time, with the help of the Emergency Department staff at MyMichigan Medical Center Alma and Orthopedic Surgeon Sabin Shah, M.D., her recent experience was her best so far.

Turner arrived at the ER with a dislocated shoulder and a traumatic complete tear of her right rotator cuff. “The pain was really bad,” said Turner. “I didn’t think the ER staff was going to be able to put my shoulder back into place but they did, thank goodness.”

Turner was fitted with a sling and referred to Dr. Shah who ordered an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to get the best view of the damage to her shoulder. In the time between the emergency visit and surgery, Turner had a tough time. “Having my right arm out of commission was difficult,” she said. “I couldn’t handle any weight at all. Reaching for things or really even performing basic tasks without pain was impossible.”

Dr. Shah performed surgery in early November 2021. “Dr. Shah was so kind and considerate, showing genuine care for how I was doing. I appreciated how he took his time with me and explained everything thoroughly,” she shared. It was her hope that she would be able to enjoy all of the upcoming holiday activities and most of all, make her famous homemade peanut brittle. In only one week after surgery, she was amazed to be moving without pain and was even able to wash her own hair. “I couldn’t believe that I was pain-free so quickly,” she added. “I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Shah to everyone.”

Turner began rehabilitation on her shoulder at MyMichigan Rehabilitation Services in Ithaca under the care of Jerilyn Strom, D.P.T. She describes her physical therapy experience as personalized and acknowledges the staff for being so willing to accommodate her schedule. “Jerilyn provides excellent care and is always looking for ways to help me meet my goals,” she said. “Sometimes I want to go above and beyond, but she’s careful to keep me from overdoing. She knows the right balance and how to work me in a way that’s best for my situation.”

Through regular therapy, Turner was delighted to meet her goal of creating her famous peanut brittle. “I wasn’t able to make as much as usual,” she said, “but I plan to be back to full production next year!” Turner continues her shoulder rehab and encourages all surgical patients to stick with their post-operative recommendations on exercising.

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