Published on February 14, 2022

Visitation Guidelines Remain in Place at Medical Center in West Branch

As cases of COVID-19 continue to be elevated, visitor restrictions remain in place at MyMichigan Medical Center West Branch. The guidelines will be in place until further notice to protect patients, employees and health care providers.

“While we see a small decrease in numbers, in our area, COVID positive cases continue to be elevated,” said Ray Stover, president, MyMichigan Medical Centers in West Branch and Gladwin. “Because the health and safety of our patients, health care teams and community are important, our visitor restrictions will remain in place. As limitations may vary by department, we encourage patients and visitors to confirm with the nurse manager or supervisor what is and isn’t allowed. We appreciate the cooperation of our patients and their families during this challenging time and we will monitor and review our visiting guidance on a regular basis.”

 Inpatient visitor expectations for non-COVID positive patients are:

  • One visitor at a time will be permitted for non-COVID positive patients.
  • No children are allowed under the age of 16 except under exceptional circumstances.
  • Visitors with signs or symptoms of infection must refrain from visiting.
  • Surgical patients are allowed one healthy support person to accompany them on the day of surgery. The support person must remain the same person throughout the visit. The support person will be asked to remain in Surgical Waiting Room until procedure completed.

Inpatient visitor expectations for COVID positive patients:

The decision to allow visitors for COVID positive patients is made on a case-by-case basis in which the care team has determined it safe and may vary between hospitals and may change day-by-day depending on the situation. Inpatient visitor expectations for COVID positive patients are:

  • One visitor will be permitted visitation for the duration of the admission after patient admitted to an inpatient nursing unit.
  • Visitation is not permitted during respiratory treatments or procedures unless approved by hospital staff for the care and well-being of the patient.
  • Visitors must wait in the Hospital Entrance lobby until directed by a staff member.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn the entire time of the visit. If unable to do so, the visitor will not be allowed to see the patient.
  • Staff will instruct and assist the visitor on how to apply appropriate PPE.  
  • The length/time frame of visitation, along with required PPE, will be determined by the patient’s care team.
  • Visitors must remain in the patient’s room and are encouraged to use the patient’s call light if needed for assistance.
  • When the visit is complete, visitors must have a staff member assist in safely removing and disposing of the PPE. Visitor must then immediately exit the medical center.

Inpatient visitor expectations for maternity patients are:

  • If the mother-to-be is COVID-19 negative, 2 healthy, masked support people can accompany patient
  • If the mother-to-be has signs and symptoms of COVID-19 but is negative for COVID-19 or is waiting for the results of COVID-19 test, 2 healthy, masked support people can accompany patient.

If the mother-to-be is COVID-19 positive, 1 healthy, masked support person will be allowed to accompany patient. The healthy support person must screen negative to all symptoms of COVID-19. The support person chosen must remain the same person throughout the patient’s stay and must always remain in the patient room.

MyMichigan offers several free electronic communication services that can help family and friends keep in touch while these visiting limitations are in effect:

  • E-Cards ( – Send electronic greetings to inpatients.
  • Guest Wireless Internet Access ( – Free wireless Internet access is available at all MyMichigan facilities. Healthy adult visitors at these sites may wish to bring a laptop or wireless device to communicate with family and friends via e-mail.
  • TelephoneAll inpatient rooms have phones with free local calls. Visitors may also use their cell phones in designated areas.

 As a service to the community, MyMichigan Health hosts a COVID-19 informational hotline with a reminder of CDC guidelines and recommendations. Staff is also available to help answer community questions Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The hotline can be reached toll-free at (800) 445-7356 or (989) 794-7600. In addition, inquiries can be sent to MyMichigan Health via Facebook messenger at More information can also be found at

 Those interested in a current list of COVID-19 testing site locations may visit