Advanced PET Imaging Network

Advanced PET Imaging Network is a non-profit joint venture between Saint Mary's and MyMichigan Medical Center Midland that provides PET/CT scanning to hospitals in Michigan, including:

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  • Saint Mary's of Michigan Medical Center (Saginaw)
  • MyMichigan Medical Center Midland
  • MyMichigan Medical Center Alma
  • Marlette Community Hospital (Marlette)
  • Tawas-St. Joseph Hospital (Tawas)

This joint venture service is provided on a mobile basis with the equipment in a 48-foot semi tractor-trailer coach that is moved from site to site.

What is PET/CT Scanning?
Positron emission tomography (PET) is the gold standard in imaging for cancer patients. PET scanning is especially useful for:

  • Detecting cancer instead of an open biopsy
  • Identifying if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body
  • Measuring effectiveness of therapy as a follow-up to treatment

A computerized axial tomography (CT) scanner produces a traditional three-dimensional x-ray of internal body structures that combines with the PET's information showing areas of increased metabolism.

This new high-tech equipment allows shorter scan times and better visualization of the area of study in relationship to body organs.

A radiologist who has specialized training in PET interprets the images. The PET interpreting radiology groups include Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, P.C. for Saginaw, Marlette and Tawas locations; Midland Radiology Associates, P.C. for Midland; and Mid-Michigan Radiology Associates for Alma.

How to Prepare for your PET Scan

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