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Midland, Michigan 48670

Working Together Makes for Better Health Care

MyMichigan Collaborative Care Organization provides the framework for a broad spectrum of health care providers to work together in order to deliver value-based contractual arrangements and innovations designed to improve population health here in Michigan.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of MyMichigan Health, the organization is designed on the principles of physician leadership and active engagement of health care providers from various medical offices, hospitals, home care, health departments, long term care facilities, community organizations and employers. MyMichigan Collaborative Care Organization’s mission is to provide high quality, efficient and coordinated health care.

The organization facilitates member’s participation in programs such as Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Physician Group Incentive Program (PGIP) and Organized Systems of Care (OSC) and the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). It also provides a strong foundation for emerging initiatives such as bundled payments, value-based contracting, and other payer-provider collaborations, all of which depend on size, scale and geographic reach for success.

Working Together with Affirmant

MyMichigan Collaborative Care Organization provides its members the platform for participation with Affirmant Health Partners, a clinically integrated network. Affirmant is one of the state's largest clinically integrated networks, comprised of six health systems with 21 hospitals and thousands of physicians. This type of network allows for the larger scale necessary to share infrastructure costs and spread financial risk in contractual arrangements.

Working Together with Physician Organization of Michigan ACO

MyMichigan Collaborative Care Organization participates in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) in collaboration with Physician Organization of Michigan Accountable Care Organization (POM ACO). POM ACO is a state-wide, physician-led partnership of approximately 6,000 Michigan providers.

Today, delivering ever-improving population health is a complex challenge that is best achieved by working together. MyMichigan Collaborative Care Organization addresses these challenges in ways that benefit not only residents here in middle and northern Michigan, but also all across the State of Michigan.