Pension Planning Tool

Pension Point logoPensionPoint helps MyMichigan Health employees plan for retirement by giving them an easy tool to model with different options for starting their pension benefits. Through PensionPoint, employees can see what their pensions would look like if they made certain changes.  They can model pension benefits with various starting dates, see the impact of including or excluding survivor benefits, and more.
This easy-to-use tool uses real data and lets employees try different scenarios either from a MyMichigan networked computer, or from any internet-ready system.

Login to PensionPoint (Available to MyMichigan employees who participate in the pension plan.)

Login Reminders

Your User ID and Password are the same as the User ID and Password you use for Employee Direct Access. 

TIP:  Your User ID should be entered in all lowercase letters.

A flyer with additional tips on using the PensionPoint tool is available from your manager or on MyMichigan's employee intranet site.

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