Cancer Clinical Trials at MyMichigan Health

Clinical research studies serve to improve cancer treatment and ensure the highest possible level of patient care. Patients involved in research studies play an important role in advancing evidence-based medicine to future patients. There are tremendous advantages for patients having access to nationally sponsored clinical trials closer to home including treatment options that might otherwise not be available to them and by avoiding treatment delays and decreasing lengthy travel times. Patients are eligible to participate in research studies only after specific eligibility criteria have been met.

Current Cancer Clinical Trials at MyMichigan

Breast Cancer

  • ALLIANCE A011401 (BWEL TRIAL) - Dr. Le
    Randomized phase III trial evaluating the role of weight loss in adjuvant treatment of overweight and obese women with early breast cancer.
    • Enrollment goal met. Patients in follow-up until 2030 (3 patients)
    • NCT: 02750826
  • COMPASSHER2 A011801
    The COMPASSHER2 Trials (COMprehensive Use of Pathologic Response ASSessment to Optimize Therapy in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer): COMPASSHER2 Residual Disease (RD), A Double-Blinded, Phase III Randomized Trial of T-DM1 and Placebo Compared with T-DM1 and Tucatinib

  • IBSG 24-02 – Dr. Le
    A Phase III Trial Evaluating the Role of Ovarian Function Suppression and the Role of Exemestane as Adjuvant Therapies for Premenopausal Women With Endocrine Responsive Breast Cancer

    • Enrollment goal met. Patient(s) in follow-up until death (2 patients)
    • NCT: 00066690
  • NSABP B-47 - Dr. Le
    A Randomized Phase III Trial of Adjuvant Therapy Comparing Chemotherapy Alone (Six Cycles of Docetaxel Plus Cyclophosphamide or Four Cycles of Doxorubicin Plus Cyclophosphamide Followed by Weekly Paclitaxel) to Chemotherapy Plus Trastuzumab in Women With Node-Positive or High-Risk Node-Negative HER2-Low Invasive Breast Cancer

    • Enrollment goal met. Patient(s) in follow-up until 2022 (4 patients)
    • NCT: 01275677
  • PACCT-1 - Dr. Le
    Program for the Assessment of Clinical Cancer Tests (PACCT-1): Trial Assigning Individualized Options for Treatment:The TAILORx Trial

    • Enrollment goal met, Patient(s) in follow-up until 2027 (1 patient)
    • NCT: 00310180
  • S1007 - Dr. Le
    A Phase III, Randomized Clinical Trial of Standard Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy +/- Chemotherapy in Patients With 1-3 Positive Nodes, Hormone Receptor-Positive and HER2-Negative Breast Cancer With Recurrence Score (RS) of 25 or Less. RxPONDER: A Clinical Trial Rx for Positive Node, Endocrine Responsive Breast Cancer

    • Enrollment goal met. Patient(s) in follow-up until 2029 (5 patients)
    • NCT: 01272037
  • SWOG 1418 - Dr. Lee
    A randomized phase III trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of MK-3475 as adjuvant therapy for triple receptor negative breast cancer with ≥ 1cm residual invasive cancer or positive lymph nodes after neoadjuvant chemotherapy.
    • Enrollment goal met. Patients in follow-up until 2026 (2 patients)
    • NCT: 02954874

Lung Cancer

  • ALCHEMIST TRIAL - Dr. Regenbogen
    • ALLIANCE A151216
      Adjuvant lung cancer enrichment marker identification and sequencing trial. Only Squamous now.
    • Experimental & Placebo A081105 - Dr. Regenbogen
      Randomized double blind placebo controlled study of Erlotinib or placebo in patients with completely resected epidermal growth factor mutant non-small cell lung cancer.
      • Enrollment goals met. Patients in follow-up only.
      • NCT: 02193282
    • EA5142 - Dr. Regenbogen
      A randomized phase III study of Nivolumab after surgical resection and adjuvant chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancers.
      • Currently enrolling participants.
      • NCT: 02595944
  • E4512 - Dr. Regenbogen (ALCHEMIST Trial): A phase III double blind trial for surgically resected early stage non-small cell lung cancer: Crizotinib verses placebo for patients with tumors harboring the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) fusion protein (ALCHEMIST).
    • Currently enrolling participants.
    • NCT: 02201992
  • RAPTOR LU007 - Dr. Regenbogen
    Randomized Phase II/III Trial of Consolidation Radiation + Immunotherapy for ES-SCLC: RAPTOR Trial

Multiple Myeloma

  • E1A11 - Dr. Regenbogen
    A randomized phase III trial of Bortezomib, Lenalidomide, and Dexamethasone verses Carfilzomib, Lenalidomide, and Dexamethasone followed by limited or indefinite duration Lenalidomide maintenance in patients with newly diagnosed symptomatic multiple myeloma.
    • Enrollment goals met. Patients in follow-up only.
    • NCT: 01863550


  • InheRET - Dr. Le
    A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution to Identifying Patients at Increased Risk for Hereditary Disease.

  • NCI COVID-19 - Dr. Le
    NCI COVID-19 in Cancer Patients Study (NCCAPS): A Longitudinal Natural History Study

    • Enrollment goal met. Patients in follow-up only (7 patients)
    • NCT: 04387656
  • PROSPECT N1048 - Dr. Danso
    A Phase II/III Trial of Neoadjuvant FOLFOX With Selective Use of Combined Modality Chemoradiation Versus Preoperative Combined Modality Chemoradiation for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer Patients Undergoing Low Anterior Resection With Total Mesorectal Excision

    • Enrollment goal met. Patients in follow-up until 2023 (2 patients)
    • NCT: 01515787
  • PRN1008-010 - Dr. Regenbogen (Principia Sponsor)
    An Adaptive, Open-Label, Dose-Finding, Phase 1/2 Study Investigating the Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Activity of PRN1008, an Oral BTK Inhibitor, in Patients with Relapsed ITP
  • SWOG 1820 - Dr. Busch
    A Randomized Trial of the Altering Intake, Managing Symptoms Intervention for Bowel Dysfunction in Rectal Cancer Survivors Compared to a Healthy Living Education Control: A Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy Study (AIMS-RC).

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