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Testimonials: Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

Tim Miles, Cardiovascular Clinical Trial Patient

Cardiovascular Clinical Trial Participant Says He Feels 'Better Than Ever'

Tim Miles - Midland, MI

Husband, Father and Clinical Trial Participant

"There are life-changing event in everyone's life and this was one for me. I am healthy for the first time since my 20s."

Don Hartz, Clinical Trial Participant

Clinical Trials Are Making Future Treatments Possible

Don Hartz - Midland, MI

Husband, Golfer, Sportsman and Clinical Trial Participant

"There is not a bit of a downside ... I'm extremely happy that they asked me to participate and I'd do it again."

Participate in a Clinic Research Trail

To participate in Clinical Research Trial, please call our office at (989) 631-2469 or email us at cvresearch@mymichigan.org.

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