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What Type of Care do I Need?

We know it can be confusing to determine what type of care you may need. We want to assure you that we are here for you and will help guide you through the process of choosing the services that are right for you at every phase of your care.

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Telemedicine is an innovative home health monitoring system that enables MyMichigan Home Care to keep a closer watch on patient's vital signs between visits. The high-tech device collects vital signs in the comfort of a patient's home and transmits them by phone to experts at MyMichigan Home Care for review. This system can bring peace of mind to patients and their families.

How It Works

In-home patients receive a table-top unit about the size of a radio alarm clock that is hooked up to the patient's phone outlet. The unit is also connected to devices that measure vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, weight or oxygen level in the blood.

One or more times per day, the unit reminds patients to take their vital signs. Voice prompts then step them through the process. The system also asks the patient a series of questions about their current symptoms.

The system is easy to use and provides for more continuous and frequent monitoring than might otherwise be possible with nurse visits alone.

Telehealth doesn't replace the care and compassion of nurses, but rather enhances their ability to provide the best care possible. Data shows that use of the monitors can reduce emergency room visits and hospitalization. 

How to Get Home & Hospice Care

Call the MidMichigan Home Care Information and Referral Line to schedule an in-home assessment or to make a referral, (800) 862-5002.

Planning specialists and referring physicians can fax orders to: (989) 633-1457

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