Testimonials: MyMichigan Home Care

Photo of Richard Konsdorf sitting in his shop enjoying life and feeling stronger, confident and motivated to continue improving.

Therapy Helps Restore His Strength and Independence

Richard Konsdorf, Coleman, MI

Teenage Spinal Cord Injury, Extremely Active and MyMichigan Home Care Therapy Patient

"MyMichigan Home Care helped me work my way back to the active lifestyle I knew."

Renee Hahn and Tracey Birdsall, Home Care Supporters

Compassionate Care Helped Give Their Mother a Fulfilling End of Life

Renee Hahn and Tracey Birdsall - Midland, MI

Daughters of Mary Thompson, Hospice Patient

"With their care, compassion and availability, it never felt like we were left without any resources."

Bonnie Sitter, Hospice Care Client

Hospice Helped Her Care for Her Husband During His Final Days

Bonnie Sitter - Midland, MI

Wife, Mother, Musician and Hospice Care Client

"I loved the service... The nurses were very nice."

Gloria Cooper, Hospice Care Client

Hospice Care was there for Her Father, Mother and Husband - and Her

Gloria Cooper - Sanford, MI

Daughter, Wife, Mother and Hospice Care Supporter

"I can't imagine going through what I went through without that kind of help."

David Scott, Home Care Patient

Home Care Heroes Helped Ease His Pain

David Scott - Coleman, MI

Husband, Retired Pipefitter and MyMichigan Home Care Client

"Those Home Care nurses play a vital role. I don't know where I'd be without them."

Benjamin Campbell, Home Care Patient

MyMichigan Home Care Helped a New Family Thrive

Emily & Dylan Campbell and son, Benjamin - Gladwin, MI

First-Time Parents and Clients of MyMichigan Home Care

"They were very open with me and always explained things well. They are wonderful."

Agnes Sopczynski, Home Care Patient

Home Care was There When They Needed It Most

Agnes Sopczynski - Midland, MI

Mother and Daughter, and Clients of MyMichigan Home Care

"Our experience has been fantastic. I could not have done this without them," said Agnes' daughter, Sandra Saunders.

Jim Rowley, Hospice Program Participant

He and His Wife Got All the Care and Compassion They Hoped For

Jim Rowley - Bay City, MI

Husband of Elizabeth Rowley, Hospice Program Patient

"MyMichigan Hospice people have an empathy, a caring. They are tuned in to the patient and the dynamics of what is happening to the rest of the family."

Luke Barriger, Home Care Patient

After Pausing for Infusion Treatment, He Gets Back to Being a Kid

Luke Barriger - Sanford, MI

Second Grader, Baseball Player, Brother and Home Care Patient

"I feel like there's a whole organization behind us, all very knowledgeable, personable. I feel they want what's best for Luke and for our family." Carrie Barriger

How to Get Home & Hospice Care

Call the MidMichigan Home Care Information and Referral Line to schedule an in-home assessment or to make a referral, (800) 862-5002.

Planning specialists and referring physicians can fax orders to: (989) 633-1457

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