David Scott, Home Care Patient

David Scott - Coleman, MI

"Those Home Care nurses play a vital role. I don't know where I'd be without them."

Home Care Heroes Helped Ease His Pain

Six years ago, in 2012, David Scott had his right lung removed as part of a cancer treatment. The initial incision was slow to heal and he developed a complication from surgery. He was treated for the complication, recurrent infections and he also underwent multiple surgeries. As a result, for the last few years he has lived with a large, open wound that had to be cleaned and packed daily.

While he has been treated by highly regarded specialists in Midland, Detroit and Ann Arbor, the people Scott sees every single day are his real heroes: the nurses from MyMichigan Home Care.

"I've asked every one of them how they get their wings through the doorway," Scott said. "They are truly angels on earth."

MyMichigan Home Care provides a variety of health-related products and services that help people by providing care in the comfort of the patients' homes. Home care can help patients like Scott, who needed daily treatment and attention, avoid admission to a hospital or nursing home.

"Every day one of the nurses came to my home and cleaned and packed that wound," he said. "Without them, I would have had to find a way every day to get help at a hospital or clinic. Every day. And I couldn't drive. I really don't know what we would have done."

Scott said two nurses in particular have helped him through the darkest days – Connie Miller, L.P.N., and Elizabeth Allen, R.N. Allen, his case manager, has been with him the longest.

"All of them, though, have become like family," he said. "They know my wife, my kids, now they know my new dog."

Scott, a retired pipefitter, spent his career in refineries and chemical plants. He is no stranger to hard work in less-than-pleasant surroundings. Nothing prepared him for the reality of dealing with the large, chronic wound in his side. He admits it was difficult.

"Just the impact on day-to-day life is tough," he said. For instance, Scott couldn't drive so his wife had to juggle working with chauffeuring him. "Paula is really a trooper, but it's been hard on her."

In the beginning, Scott was slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of different caregivers coming to his home. "Some of them had never seen a wound as bad as mine and frankly, I needed to see the same faces week to week," he said. "They were great. MyMichigan Home Care worked with me so that I was seen by a set group of nurses. I still see a few nurses who have been with me from the beginning."

Scott may soon turn the corner on the long road to healing. He is considering one more surgery, this time with a plastic surgeon. The goal is to finally close the wound. "I do see a light at the end of the tunnel," he said.

Until then, Scott is grateful for the daily help provided by MyMichigan Home Care. "They helped me through so much pain, and they eased so much pain," he said. "It's hard to find the words to say how much I appreciate them."

Scott said his experience with MyMichigan Home Care has been nothing short of outstanding. He has nothing but praise for the kind, skilled caregivers who kept him healthy. "Those home care nurses play a vital role," he said. "I don't know where I'd be without them."

MyMichigan Home Care provides a variety of health-related products and services that help individuals remain independent at home. Home care can help patients avoid admission to a hospital or nursing home, providing care in the comfort of their homes. Those who would like more information about MyMichigan Home Care may visit www.mymichigan.org/homecare.

How to Get Home & Hospice Care

Call the MidMichigan Home Care Information and Referral Line to schedule an in-home assessment or to make a referral, (800) 862-5002.

Planning specialists and referring physicians can fax orders to: (989) 633-1457