Mental Health Inpatient Care

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Inpatient psychiatric programs at MyMichigan Medical Centers in Alma, Alpena and Midland provide short-term acute psychiatric help to people who need 24-hour care and monitoring. Our facilities are lively, attractive, homelike places where patients and staff work together as a team and every patient is treated with compassion and dignity. We also involve families as part of our philosophy of care.

Our shorter average length of stay and lower readmission rates demonstrate our ability to help patients recover quickly and effectively.


Having on-site access to experienced, trained experts enables us to manage both psychiatric patients who have medical complications and medical patients who have psychiatric complications. We screen patients for other health problems at admission and make appropriate referrals to treat any conditions that may impact recovery.

Our treatment teams include:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Specialty trained nurses
  • Social workers
  • Counselors
  • Occupational, physical and recreational therapists (as needed)
  • Dietitians and multi-specialty medical staff


Our facilities offer a safe, confidential environment and are designed to promote daily and growth of self-reliance, two important aspects of the recovery process.

MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena

  • 15-bed newly renovated unit for adults with some private and some semi-private rooms
  • Amenities include a therapy kitchen where patients can cook foods they enjoy
  • Recreational therapy room offering music, art, woodworking and more
  • Two dayrooms promoting socialization
  • Bathtub for relaxation
  • Visits by a trained therapy dog can be arranged
  • Court proceedings can be held on-site
  • Located in Alpena with beautiful views of the Thunder Bay River and Island Park & Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Access to a beautifully maintained courtyard where patients can heal through horticulture, utilizing the flower and vegetable gardens

MyMichigan Medical Center Alma

  • Ping PongA 30-bed secured unit for adult and geriatric patients
  • All private rooms with a beautiful view of the countryside
  • Amenities include a therapy kitchen where patients can cook foods they enjoy, an activity room and two, large medical Jacuzzi hot tubs for relaxation
  • Visits by a trained therapy dog can be arranged
  • Therapy space to provide a variety of options n which to conduct personal and group interactions
  • Outpatient Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Centrally located in Alma, Michigan

Virtual Tour: Inpatient Psychiatric Care at MyMichigan Medical Center Alma

MyMichigan Medical Center Midland

  • Mental Health Staff With Patients 16-bed newly renovated unit for adults
  • Comfortable environment is designed to promote daily social interaction
  • Every patient room is private with private bathroom and window
  • Weekly visits by trained therapy dog
  • Court proceedings can be held on-site
  • Located on the beautiful 180-acre wooded campus of MyMichigan Medical Center Midland, with easy access from anywhere in the city.

Virtual Tour: Inpatient Psychiatric Care at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland


Locations provide these services:

  • Psychiatric and nursing evaluation
  • Daily psychiatric management
  • Individual sessions with a psychiatrist
  • Counseling, focused on problem solving, cognitive-behavioral techniques and medication education
  • Group therapy sessions geared toward symptom management, recreation and leisure development, and key skills such as stress reduction, noticing and changing unhelpful thinking, crisis survival skills and identifying and using personal strengths
  • Recreational and activity therapy
  • Physical and occupational therapy (as needed)
  • Treatment of medical problems
  • Medication management

Formal voluntary and involuntary admissions are accepted.

Admissions and Referrals

Formal voluntary and involuntary admissions are accepted.

Inpatient referrals are accepted from physicians, community mental health providers and other licensed independent practitioners. Other referrals are accepted but may be sent to an emergency room for evaluation.

For non-Medicaid voluntary admissions, referring professionals may call these numbers for information and assistance:

  • MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena: call the inpatient coordinator at (989) 356-7258
  • MyMichigan Medical Center Alma: call the inpatient coordinator at (989) 466-3304
  • MyMichigan Medical Center Midland: call 24-hours to speak with a behavioral health professional at (989) 839-3690

Non-insured and Medicaid patients must first be screened by the Community Mental Health Authority where they reside. We work regularly with Community Mental Health agencies from around the state to facilitate Medicaid admissions to our units.

Involuntary admissions (patients whose illness prevents their ability to understand and agree to admission) should be sent to the nearest hospital emergency room or local Community Mental Health Authority. Staffs at these sites are trained to handle involuntary admissions to our programs.


MyMichigan accepts a range of commercial insurances, including Blue Cross, APS, and ConnectCare, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. To discuss specific insurance acceptance, call (989) 356-7258 for MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena, (989) 466-3304 for MyMichigan Medical Center Alma, or (989) 839-3000 and ask for pager #238 for MyMichigan Medical Center Midland, during normal business hours.

Referral Contact and Insurance Questions

MyMichigan Medical Center Alma
Inpatient Coordinator/Insurance Specialist
(989) 466-3304

Nurse Manager
(989) 466-7266
After Hours: (989) 466-7170 or (989) 466-7171

Partial Hospitalization Program
(989) 466-3253

MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena
Inpatient Care
(989) 356-7258

Outpatient Care
(989) 356-7242

MyMichigan Medical Center Midland
24-Hour Admission Line
(989) 839-3690

Nursing Director
(989) 839-3775