Case Coordinators Expedite Care

Occupational Health Case Coordinators act as advocates for both the patient and the employer, providing proactive case management, rapid communication and excellent follow-through. They also make sure that there is good communication between the patient, the physician or other clinical staff, the employer and the insurance company.

They can help with:

  • Scheduling patient referral appointments
  • Expediting care to ensure patients get speedy access to the services they need
  • Getting authorizations for treatment
  • Tracking the patient’s progress and communicating with the appropriate individuals
  • Ensuring positive outcomes and cost-effective care

Contact these individuals if you have any questions about a case:

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Becky McDonald, NREMT

Phone (989) 466-3296
Fax (989) 466-7279


Marlene McKay, R.N.

Phone (989) 386-8843
Fax (989) 386-9913


Diane Szyperski

Phone (989) 633-1342
Fax (989) 695-4959


Melissa Blain

Phone (989) 246-9430
Fax (989) 246-9435

Houghton Lake


Emily Jaime, M.A.

Phone (989) 633-1347
Fax (989) 633-1355

West Branch

Corine Lucynski, R.N.

Phone (989) 345-8128
Fax (989) 345-8129

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