Work Programming

Work Programming Gets You Back to Work

If you are recovering from an illness or injury, MyMichigan has Work Programming services to help you quickly and safely return to work.

  • Work conditioning – This therapy involves conditioning and resistive strengthening activities tailored to the individual's job demands.
  • Work hardening – This is an intense therapy program, with sessions longer than two hours and with activities designed to closely simulate actual job tasks.


  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) - An occupational therapist will perform this evaluation upon referral from a physician. It measures the patient’s physical ability to perform required work activities, including standing, lifting, gripping and reaching, as well as basic strength, range of motion and coordination skills. Using this information, a doctor can determine whether an injured worker is ready to return to work and set any work restrictions or limitations on activity.
  • Job Site Analysis - Knowing what the job requires is vital in evaluating a patient’s ability to perform it. That’s why MyMichigan offers job-site analysis services.  An occupational therapist visits the job site and observes workers performing tasks, objectively measuring the amount and duration of various activities, such as sitting, standing, lifting, pulling, kneeling or position changes.
  • On-site ergonomics assessment - Occupational therapists may also perform an on-site ergonomics assessment to make recommendations on how to position workers or use assistive devices to lower the risk of cumulative stress injuries on the job.

Costs, Insurance and Referrals

Work programming services are most often paid for by an employer, worker's compensation or commercial insurance. Other payment arrangements also can be made. If you have questions about coverage, your insurance carrier or your employer's benefits department is the best source of information.

Ask your doctor for a referral to MyMichigan's occupational therapy program for a functional capacity evaluation.

Businesses may contact our occupational medicine staff for job site and ergonomic services.

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