Anticoagulation Clinics

MyMichigan Health's anticoagulation services help patients monitor and manage the medications they take to prevent blood clots.

A blood clot can happen inside your body when a group of blood cells build up and stick together (coagulate). When a blood clot blocks a blood vessel, the result can be serious – even life threatening.

Blood clots can cause heart attacks, strokes and other heart and vascular conditions. Blood thinning medications are necessary to treat/prevent these medical conditions.

MyMichiagn Health has 4 locations that provide blood testing, dosing instructions and education. Our goal is to minimize problems with blood thinners and bring you peace of mind.

Reasons to be Referred

Patients are referred to the Anticoagulation Clinic by their healthcare provider. Typically, patients with these conditions may need anticoagulation services:

  • heart disease
  • arrhythmia
  • atrial fibrillation
  • valve replacement (artificial heart valves)
  • history of blood clots
  • clotting disorders
  • increased clotting risk following surgery or medical procedures
  • immobility

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