Fitness Programs

Dr. Stadelmaier Working Out in the Fitness CenterOne of the most important things that you can do for your health is exercise regularly. All adults should accumulate 30 minutes per day or more of moderate physical activity.

MyMichigan Health offers a variety of exercise and recreation programs to help you manage a medical condition or just live a healthier lifestyle. The benefits of these programs may include:

  • weight loss or weight management
  • improving flexibility, circulation, strength and endurance
  • staying active and reducing stress
  • exercising safely with a specific medical condition

Fitness Centers

MyMichigan Health has fitness centers in convenient locations throughout the region. Our facilities aren't like other gyms. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where people of all ability levels and with a wide variety of medical conditions can feel comfortable working out. Our fitness centers feature:

  • Credentialled experts including certified personal trainers, exercise physiologists, athletic trainers, wellness coaches and fitness specialist
  • Easy access for people with limited mobility or other medical conditions, including people of larger size
  • Staff who are specially trained to anticipate the unique needs of people of all ages, sizes, conditions and ability levels and to help them exercise safely and effectively

Group Exercise Classes

We offer fitness classes to accommodate a variety of needs and schedules in convenient locations throughout the middle of Michigan. To find a program in your community, please view our schedule of food and exercise classes.

Personalized Fitness Services

MyMichigan offers the following one-on-one services by appointment:

Recreation Programs

MyMichigan Health sponsors walking programs at several locations, including the more than three miles of wooded Wellness Trails on the campus of MyMichigan Medical Center Midland. For more information about these programs, please call (989) 837-9114.