Online Bariatric Seminar Video Series


The online videos below are intended for bariatric patients seeking surgery at MyMichigan Medical Center Alma or MyMichigan Medical Center Midland. Those interested in having bariatric surgery at MyMichigan Medical Center Sault should register for a live Bariatric Informational ZOOM Session.

To find out if surgical weight management is right for you, please watch our online seminar video series. Upon completion of the video series and patient information form, one of our bariatric coordinators will schedule your initial consultation with one of our bariatric surgeons.

Step 1: Learn the qualifications and benefits

While weight loss surgery may not be for everyone, MyMichigan Health’s Surgical Weight Management Program can offer hope to individuals who have been unsuccessful in the past with traditional weight loss methods. Learn how to get qualified and the benefits of surgical weight loss.

Step 2: Determine the insurance requirements

While every insurance company has different requirements for bariatric surgery, there is a basic set of criteria you must meet in order to qualify for surgery. Learn more about the criteria that is required.

Step 3: Identify what procedure is right for you

Explore the range of laparoscopic procedures offered at MyMichigan Health

Step 4: Learn how to get started

At MyMichigan Health we take a team approach to Bariatric Surgery to offer the most comprehensive care possible. Learn how to take the next step.

Step 5: Complete the patient information form

Fill out the patient information form and one of our bariatric coordinators will contact you within the next 2-4 business days. You may also speak with one of our bariatric coordinators by calling (989) 796-4672.

Have Questions?

Contact our Bariatric Program Nurse Coordinator Angela Munro, R.N., B.S.N., at (989) 796-4672.

Photo of Angela Munro MidMichigan Health Bariatric Program Nurse Coordinator.

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