Preparing for Surgery Bariatric Surgery

Before Your Surgery

Patients meet with a variety of specialists prior to bariatric surgery.To ensure that you are physically and emotionally ready for the procedure and the lifestyle changes that will result, all candidates for surgery must attend an educational seminar and provide health information. You will also meet with a team of health professionals that may include cardiologists, dietitians, fitness coaches, psychiatrists, pulmonologists, and the surgeon who will complete the procedure. Pre-surgical tests will be conducted to determine whether you meet the requirements for surgery.

It is vital that patients fully understand the diet and behavior changes necessary to sustain weight loss following surgery. Prior to your surgery, you will receive fitness and nutrition counseling to prepare you for these changes and to help you get started on your pre-surgery routine. Your dietitian will provide detailed instruction on the pre-surgery and post-surgery diets required for your procedure. Typically these diets require high protein nutrition supplements, which you may purchase through MyMichigan Health.

You will also be strongly encouraged to begin attending support group meetings before your surgery, as this provides additional first-hand information about what to expect, from others who have already had weight loss surgery. The support group members and facilitators will become an important network for you to ask questions, celebrate success, receive motivation and exchange helpful tips and information throughout all stages of your transformation.

At the Medical Center

Dietary information and other education is provided in the hospital.On the day of your surgery, you will check in at the medical center and a staff member will greet you and take you to the Surgery or Pre-Op unit. Your support person may remain with you there until you are taken to surgery. After surgery, you be closely monitored in a recovery area. When you are recovered enough to be moved to a patient room, your support person may join you.

Most patients remain in the medical center one to three days, but you should expect to be up and walking on the same day of your surgery. Our staff will work with you to minimize any pain and discomfort. You may also receive other tests and procedures to guard against complications.

A dietitian will visit you in the medical center to provide personalized instruction on your short- and long-term diet restrictions, and you will also be scheduled for follow-up nutrition classes after discharge.

Have Questions?

Contact our Bariatric Program Nurse Coordinator Angela Munro, R.N., B.S.N., at (989) 796-4672.

Photo of Angela Munro MidMichigan Health Bariatric Program Nurse Coordinator.

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