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Listen to stories of transformation from some of our recent bariatric surgery patients.

Photo of Traci Sandel on her motorcycle holding her before bariatric surgery photograph.

Experiencing New Found Freedom Thanks to Bariatric Surgery

Traci Sandel - Barryton, MI

Wife, Grandmother, Motorcyclist, Bariatric Surgery Patient

“I am so much happier now. I don’t need oxygen anymore and can finally motorbike with my husband again. It’s fabulous!”

Photo of Savannah and Justin Cavanaugh sitting on a picnic table holding a framed photo of themselves before bariatric surgery.

Feeling Grateful for Her New Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Savannah Cavanaugh - Harrison, MI

Wife, Mother, Bariatric Surgery Patient

“We are grateful to be a healthy and happy family, and I’m glad to be able to share that excitement with others.”

Photo of Tracy Krick standing with a picture of her before bariatric surgery.

Celebrating Her New Life Following Bariatric Surgery

Tracy Krick - Bay City, MI

Wife, Mother and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"The surgery was pretty minor. I had no problems and recovered quickly. I was back in the recording studio a week later."

Mike Avery, Bariatric Surgery Patient.

He Feels 25 Years Younger After Bariatric Surgery

Mike Avery - Midland, MI

Avid Outdoorsman, Talk Show Radio Host and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"The surgery was pretty minor. I had no problems and recovered quickly. I was back in the recording studio a week later."

Lisa Flannery, Bariatric Surgery Patient.

She Resolved to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Lisa Flannery - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Grandma, Paramedic and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"This surgery has completely changed my life and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience."

Lauren Marshall, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Lauren's Only Regret Following Surgery: Not Acting Sooner

Lauren Marshall - Ovid, MI

Wife, Paraprofessional and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"You will be wowed with the results and the support you have. You'll never do any part of it alone – there will always be someone there to push you along."

Angela Wilcox, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Bariatric Surgery Was the Tool to Her Weight Loss Success

Angela Wilcox - Bay City, MI

Teacher, Wife, Mother and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"If you follow what they tell you, you will be successful."

Jennifer Dietlein and her mom, Debra Keister - Bariatric Surgery Patients

Mom and Daughter Weight Loss Success Inspires Others

Jennifer Dietlein and Debra Keister - Midland, MI

Mother and Daughter Bariatric Surgery Patients

"We feel great! We have more energy and fewer restrictions."

Diane Keenan, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Hard Work and Bariatric Surgery are Helping Her Lead a Healthier Life

Diane Keenan - Saginaw, MI

Niece, Church Member and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"It's just amazing how it has changed my life in so many ways."

Cathleen Conley, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Breaking the Cycle with Bariatric Surgery

Cathleen Conley - Hemlock, MI

Mother, Medical Professional and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"I took charge and I'm never going back."

Jan Zileski, Bariatric Surgery Patient

From Frustrated to Fit - Bariatric Surgery Helped Restore Her Health

Jan Zileski - Midland, MI

Wife, Mother, Nana and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"Surgery was the best thing I could have done for myself and I'm so glad I did it."

Eric Dobrzynski, Bariatric Surgery Patient

He's Eating Smart after Bariatric Surgery

Eric Dobrzynski - Essexville, MI

Husband, Financial Advisor and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"The MyMichigan approach is different. I felt very at ease. There was no rush, no pressure."

Chris and Carolen Perez, Bariatric Surgery Patients

Bariatric Surgery Helps Entire Family Gain a Happier, Healthier Life

Chris and Carolen Perez - Beaverton, MI

Devoted Partners, Parents and Bariatric Surgery Patients

"We've been given an amazing second chance at life."

Brian Dargitz, Bariatric Surgery Patient

He Lost 200 Pounds Thanks to Determination and Bariatric Surgery

Brian Dargitz - Edmore, MI

Avid Hunter, Race Car Fan and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"Everything is easier now. I don't hesitate to climb a ladder or go up a tree stand - I can do anything I want to now."

Richard LaFontaine, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Looking and Feeling Years Younger, Thanks to Bariatric Surgery

Richard LaFontaine - Midland, MI

Father, Business Owner and Bariatric Surgery Patient

"I'm much more active now. In fact, I have so much energy it's hard for me to sit still."

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