Your Bariatric Surgery Journey

Congratulations on your decision to have bariatric surgery. Our bariatric team is here for you throughout your journey to provide guidance and on-going support. These steps will help guide you along the way:

Step 1 - Attend a Seminar

Once you and your primary care physician have decided bariatric surgery is the right option for you, it’s time to take the next steps to regaining your life.

To initiate the pathway to surgery you must view the online seminar and submit the required information; or schedule and attend a live informational seminar.

Step 2 - Schedule a Consult

Once we receive your information and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for bariatric surgery based on your health history and insurance criteria, we will call you to schedule a consult with one of the surgeons.

You will be required to complete and return a medical history packet before your consult. You will also be asked to obtain a letter of recommendation from your primary care physician and fulfill any requirements set forth by your insurance company.

Step 3 - Schedule Pre-Surgery Evaluations

At this time you will be scheduled for your required clearances including a psychiatric evaluation and an endoscopy. Depending on your medical history, you may need a cardiology and/or pulmonary consult.

Step 4 - Attend a Support Group Meeting

The next step in the process includes attending a support group meeting. We hold support group meetings once a week rotating through four convenient locations. It is required you attend one of these meetings before surgery and we highly recommend that you continue to attend these meetings as often as possible.

Step 5 - Schedule Surgery

Once all testing and clearances are complete, you will receive a call from the office staff to schedule a pre-op nutrition class and surgery date, as well as a pre-op appointmentpre-op testing, and a post-op office appointment.

The pre-op education class includes education from a registered dietitian about the pre- and post-op diet requirements. The class also includes both a nursing and exercise component. This class is free of charge and is required again approximately four to six weeks after surgery and at six months post-op.

Step 6 - Schedule Post-Surgery Follow-Up

Your bariatric surgery procedure will be performed at MyMichigan’s Medical Center in Alma or Midland. Hospitalization is typically one to two nights depending on the type of procedure and your recovery. You will be required to follow-up in the office 1-2 weeks after surgery, every 1-3 months through the first year and yearly thereafter. Office visit expectations may vary depending on your needs.

Have Questions?

Contact our Bariatric Program Nurse Coordinator Angela Munro, R.N., B.S.N., at (989) 796-4672.

Photo of Angela Munro MidMichigan Health Bariatric Program Nurse Coordinator.

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