Financial Assistance

Several resources are available for patients and their families in need of financial advice or assistance. The best place to start is by asking your doctor about MyMichigan's dedicated oncology social worker, or call (989) 839-6234.

See our section on Affordable Mammograms for more information about financial assistance for this important screening.

Pardee Cancer Treatment Fund

Provides financial assistance for cancer-related medical expenses.

  • Midland and Gladwin County residents: (989) 839-3929
  • Bay County residents: (989) 667-2343
  • Clare County residents: (989) 802-5225
  • Gratiot County residents: (989) 463-9319
  • Isabella County residents: (989) 772-6295

Midland County Department of Health and Human Services

Provides assistance for emergencies such as utility shut-off, foreclosure and eviction. Provides access to Medicaid (medical aid for the uninsured). Assistance (usually one-time-only) is based on income, living arrangements and reasons for request.

  • Midland County residents: (989) 835-7040
  • Bay County residents: (989) 895-2100
  • Gladwin County residents: (989) 426-3300
  • Clare County residents: (989) 539-4260
  • Alma County residents: (989) 875-5181

Social Security Administration

Administers the national system of retirement, survivors and disability insurance; supplemental security income (SSI); and Medicare.

  • Toll Free (800) 234-5772

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

(Formerly Leukemia Society of America, Inc.)

  • Phone (810) 778-6800

Midland Community Cancer Services

Provides limited financial aid to cancer patients for travel and urgent needs.

  • Phone (989) 835-4841

Home Care and Hospice

Home health services are covered by Medicare and most insurances. For patients who have no coverage or limited coverage, MyMichigan Home Care is often able to use United Way and donor funds to cover services. MyMichigan's hospice program is Medicare- and Medicaid-certified, which means that hospice services are covered by Medicare and Medicaid for qualified patients. For patients who do not have Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance coverage, United Way and donations to MyMichigan Home Care are used.

  • Phone (989) 633-1400

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