One-on-One Support

We Are Here for You

We've all been in situations where we've had questions, but didn't know if we should bother a health care provider. We are here to help! From a moment you have a breast concern our team is ready to assist you.

Help to Answer Your Questions

Our Breast Health Nurse will help answer your questions and navigate the process through counseling, answering questions and helping to schedule appointments and tests. Our goal is to keep you and your family informed, get answers quickly and shorten waits whenever we can.

Your Personal Guide

Your personal guide through breast cancer care is our Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator. They will translate medical information and help you and your family understand the plane of care and what to expect from treatments and medications.

Family Connection

Currently the cause of the majority of breast cancers is unknown. The Genetics Counseling team at MyMichigan can help you make the family connection.

Diet & Exercise

Eating right and exercising can help maintain your body's defenses and put you in the best position to fight cancer. The MyMichigan Medical Centers offer Nutrition Counseling from licensed dietitians for individuals with cancer and their families.

Follow-Up Care

After completing cancer treatment, many survivors wonder: what happens next? We are here for you, we provide you with a comprehensive Survivorship Care Plan. We will meet one-on-one with you to review the plan and make recommendations for follow-up care.

Feeling Better & Stronger

Recovering from breast cancer often means a long treatment period, sometimes with side effects form surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. To help you through this period feel better and stronger we offer a specialized Specialized Cancer Rehabilitation program. This specialized rehabilitation program uses a specially trained team of caregivers.

You are never alone, let us help you navigate this journey.

Have Questions?

We can help, contact one of our program coordinators today.

Center for Women's Health (989) 837-9070

MyMichigan Medical Center Alma (989) 466-7253

MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena (989) 356-7576

MyMichigan Medical Center West Branch (989) 343-1126

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