Testimonials: Breast Cancer/Breast Health

Photo of Donna Hart, Breast Cancer Patient and her dog Ace.

Comprehensive Cancer Care Helps Alpena Woman Navigate Treatment

Donna Hart - Alpena, MI

Retired, Dog and Nature Lover, and Breast Cancer Patient

"Some of the staff members are so young, but boy are they smart and professional and caring. You could tell they were working careers not jobs. It impressed me every day."

Jackie Kemler, Breast Cancer Patient

Breast Health Team Guides Montcalm Woman through Cancer and Pandemic

Jackie Kemler - Stanton, MI

Wife, Mom, Quilter and Breast Cancer Patient

"The kindness I received from all parties made this experience as smooth as it could possibly have been, even in the middle of a pandemic."

Jerri Liphard, Breast Cancer Patient

She Had Amazing Support Every Step of the Way

Jerri Liphard - Midland, MI

Wife, Registered Nurse and Breast Cancer Patient

"MyMichigan was the best of the best. It was reassuring knowing that I was getting the best care possible."

Rebecca Robinson, Breast Health Program Patient

Closer Monitoring for Higher Risk May Improve Early Detection

Rebecca Robinson - Farwell, MI

Medical Assistant and Breast Health Program Patient

"Do what you need to do; get the testing done and follow through so that nothing gets missed."

April Karns, Breast Cancer Patient

Health Assessment Helped Detect Her Cancer At An Early Stage

April Karns - Corunna, MI

Mom, Facebook Fanatic and Breast Cancer Patient

"Take the Survey! Do the follow-up! I could have been looking at a double mastectomy, but my cancer was caught at stage 1."

Latitia Shattuck, Breast Cancer Patient

She Received Coordinated Care and Support From Her Breast Care Team

Latitia Shattuck - Alma, MI

Mom, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Breast Cancer Patient

"The experience itself is hard enough; you need people who are positive, and the ones at MyMichigan have been amazing."

Mary Sedik, Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast Cancer Team Clearly Explained Treatment

Mary Sedik - Gladwin, MI

Retired Teacher, Wife and Breast Cancer Survivor

"I really like Dr. Wirsing, she explained everything. Dr. Hassan is easy to talk to and explained everything very carefully so that I understood."

Jean Ducham, Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast Health Team Works Together

Jean Ducham - Midland, MI

Wife, Mother, Exercise Instructor and Breast Cancer Survivor

"I've had top quality care. The team at the Center for Women's Health and the Infusion Center work really well together. The nurses help each other, and everyone is wonderful to me."

Aggie Edgar Mackie, Colon Cancer Survivor

New Treatment for Breast Cancer is Fast and Thorough

Aggie Edgar-Mackie - Gladwin, MI

Wife, Gardner, Church Musician and Breast Cancer Survivor

"I was thankful for [radiologist] Dr. Jeffrey Herman for identifying the tumor early."

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