Self-Test for Breast and Ovarian Risks

Take the self-test below to determine if you may be at risk for inheriting breast or ovarian cancer based on your family history. The list is based on guidelines from the National Cancer Institute.

Check the risk factors below that apply. If you check one or more, take the finding of this self-assessment to your physician or contact our certified Genetic Counselors for help in interpreting your risk factors. This initial telephone consultation is free of charge.

  • Breast and ovarian cancer in the same family member
  • Two or more family members* under 50 years of age with breast cancer or ovarian cancer at any age
  • A male family member with breast cancer?
  • One or more family members* under the age of 50 with breast cancer plus Ashkenazi ancestry (Jews of Eastern European descent)
  • A family member with ovarian cancer plus Ashkenazi ancestry
  • A family member known to have the altered BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene

*Includes first, second and third degree relatives. First degree relatives are your parents, your brothers or sisters and your children. Second degree relatives are your aunts, uncles, nieces,  nephews and grandchildren. Third degree relatives are your cousins.


For more information about genetic counseling and testing, contact our Certified Genetic Counselors Brittany Swogger, M.G.C., C.G.C., at (989) 794-2996 or Rebecca MacFalda, M.S., C.G.C., at (989) 794-2992.

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