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Photo of Dr. Martindale with a patient at the Heart Failure Clinic.
Photo of Lindsey Read-Smith, heart failure patient, sitting on her poarch swing on a bright sunny day.

Medical Center Delivers Both Her Daughter and Amazing Heart Care

“Thanks to the quick response and on-going heart care I’ve received, I’ve been able to resume my busy life.”

Lindsey's Story

Photo of Paul Saxon sitting on his motorcycle on a bright sunny day.

Learning to Manage His Heart Failure and Live Life to the Fullest

“I give credit to the heart and vascular team. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Paul's Story

Heart Failure Clinic

MyMichigan Health’s Heart Failure Clinic was developed in collaboration with the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) and is based on best practices for treating patients suffering from chronic congestive heart failure. The program is designed to assist patients in monitoring responses to treatment, modifying behaviors, adjusting medications, coordinating care with their cardiologist and primary care provider and facilitating referrals for advanced heart failure treatments.

Heart Failure Team

Clinic patients benefit from the expertise of an experienced team of heart failure specialists that includes specially trained cardiologists and an advanced heart failure and transplant specialist.

What Services are Provided Through the Heart Failure Clinic?Dr. Martindale with a patient at the Heart Failure Clinic.

  • Comprehensive education and counseling on chronic disease management that is tailored to the individual needs of each patient.
  • Ongoing management of your medication regimen to improve symptoms.
  • Instruction on self-care behaviors, such as establishing a low-sodium diet, a regular exercise routine and daily weight monitoring.
  • Prompt follow-up after hospitalization discharges or after periods of instability.
  • Care coordination with the patient’s cardiologist and primary care provider.
  • Assistance in monitoring the signs and symptoms of heart failure and fluid overload to avoid the need for emergency room visits or hospitalizations.
  • Advanced cardiac monitoring using the CardioMEMS™ HF System
  • Easy access to a comprehensive heart failure team and quick responses to questions and concerns.
  • Assistance with social and financial concerns
  • Collaboration with other cardiology subspecialists to improve blood flow, manage irregular heart rhythms or provide device therapies which may be used in some patients to improve symptoms of heart failure.
  • Consideration for participation in clinical trials of experimental medications and procedures that may help with the symptoms of heart failure, some of which are only available in a limited number of centers in the country.
  • Collaborations with streamlined referral to University of Michigan Health System or other centers for advanced heart failure therapies, including ventricular assist devices and heart transplants when necessary.
  • Ongoing support for patients and their caregivers during all stages of the disease, including transition from disease treating therapies to therapies and referrals ensuring comfort at the end of life.

Heart Failure Clinic

For questions about MidMichigan Health's Heart Failure Clinic or to inquire about becoming a patient call (989) 794-5200.

Heart Condition Support Groups

Support Groups to help manage your heart conditions.

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