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Testimonials: Heart Valve Clinic (TAVR)

Photo of James "Sid" Smith tending to his cows on his farm.

Local Farmer’s Advice: Listen to Your Heart’s Warning Signs

James "Sid" Smith - Piegon, MI

Husband, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, and TAVR Patient

"Today, my energy is back and I feel much better. My advice is don’t wait; listen to your heart’s warning signs.”

Ronald Young, TAVR and Watchman Implant Patient

Quality Heart Care Gave Him the Strength to Care for His Family Farm

Ronald Young - Gladwin, MI

Husband, Small Farm Owner and TAVR and Watchman Implant Patient

"Dr. Rizk has saved me a couple times when others gave up."

Margaret Hessler, TAVR Patient

Thanks to a Minimally-Invasive Procedure, She has Energy for Retirement

Margaret Hessler - Alger, MI

Wife, Grandmother and TAVR Patient

"With this I had no pain, and no limits other than not driving for a week."

Edwin Haynack, TAVR Patient

A Minimally-Invasive Heart Procedure is Giving Him the Strength to Dance Again

Edwin Haynack - Farwell, MI

Husband, Dance Instructor and TAVR Patient

"They really do a great job in that department...all in all it went very well."

Don Crawford, TAVR Patient

Advanced Heart Valve Procedure Helped Him Breathe with Ease Again

Don Crawford - Sanford, MI

Father, Retiree and TAVR Patient

"That doctor was really nice, and he did a good job."

Jeanette Dukarski, TAVR Patient

100th TAVR Patient Enjoys Getting Back to Her Active Lifestyle

Jeanette Dukarski - Midland, MI

Family Woman, Retired Hospital Employee and TAVR Patient

"I'm glad I did it...I'm glad science has advanced so the procedure isn't so serious."

Donald Schweim, TAVR Patient

When Open Heart Surgery Was Not an Option, TAVR was Available

Donald Schweim - Coleman, MI

Gardener, Retired Computer Technician and TAVR Patient

"The doctors, nurses and staff at the Heart Valve Clinic are great. They saved my life."

Wilson Gay, TAVR Patient

He's Thankful a Complex Heart Procedure is Available Close to Home

Wilson Gay - Midland, MI

Husband, Hunter TAVR Patient

"The physicians are incredible, the facilities are excellent, and they have an exceptional staff. The care I received was simply outstanding."

Carolyn Peterson, TAVR Patient

She's Glad She Followed Her Doctor's advice and Chose TAVR

Carolyn Peterson - Midland, MI

Wife, Mother, Credit Union Retiree and TAVR Patient

"I think the world of Dr. Rizk and I'd recommend him to anybody. I don't think I could ever find a better doctor."

Dan Romes, TAVR Cardiovascular Patient

He Found Great Health Care Near His New Home

Dan Romes - Harrison, MI

Retired Civil Engineer and TAVR Patient

"All nine people who were going to be involved in my surgery came into pre-op...I could tell they are truly a team."

Brenda Coe, TAVR Patient, and her husband Bert

For Patient with Parkinson's Disease, TAVR Procedure Was A Life-Saver

Brenda Coe - Alma, MI

Wife, Mother, Grandmother and TAVR Patient

"We had a really positive experience with the people at the Heart Valve Clinic. They have done so well by us."

Joe Brozzo, TAVR Patient

Innovative, Less Invasive Heart Procedure Available Close to Home

Joe Brozzo - Sanford, MI

Retired Engineer, Rotarian, Boy Scout Leader and TAVR Patient

"Do what you need to do and get the help you need."

Ron Leigeb, TAVR Patient

A Special Heart Procedure for a Special Patient

Ron Leigeb - Midland, MI

Husband, Father, Outdoor Enthusiast and TAVR Patient

"For me, there was no downside to this surgery."

Heart Valve Clinic

Annette Frugé, Program Coordinator - Heart Valve ClinicFor questions about MidMichigan Health's Heart Valve Clinic or to inquire about becoming a patient call (989) 832-0900 and speak with our Program Coordinator, Annette Frugé, R.N.

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