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Testimonials: EMS Heart Attack Alert Program

Photo of Bill Schepperly, STEMI patient, with his dog George.

Streamlined Emergency Response Saved His Life

Bill Schepperley - Clare, MI

Active, Avid Golfer and Hunter, and STEMI Patient

"I am so grateful for the local hospital in my small town. Without the Emergency Department at our little hospital in Clare, I never would have made it to the doctors in Midland. I feel very lucky."

Dr. Larry Sternberg, STEMI Patient

Hospital Staff and STEMI Protocols Saved His Life

Dr. Larry Sternberg - Plymouth, MI

Husband, Father, Podiatrist and STEMI Patient

"It was the week after Christmas. I only worked one day that week. I had 95 percent blockage in my LAD. If I hadn't been at the hospital, I wouldn't have survived."

Maynard Coulson, STEMI Patient

MyMichigan's STEMI Alert Program: Saving Lives by Saving Time

Maynard Coulson - Saginaw, MI

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Software Specialist and STEMI Patient

"I was very impressed with the whole operation. The doctors and nurses were really great and did their best to put us all at ease."

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