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Testimonials: Vascular Surgery

Photo of Ruby Lovasz.

Her Vascular Care Impacted Her Life and Future Career Plans

Ruby Lovasz - Alma, MI

"I not only feel great, I have more energy than I did before. I would love to become a physician assistant so I can help others achieve their best possible vascular health, the way Dr. Frisbie helped me."

Photo of Larry Crowley climbing a ladder to get into his boat.

Specialized Therapy Helped Gladwin Man Overcome PAD Pain

Larry Crowley - Gladwin, MI

Avid boater and fisherman, Retired, and Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Patient

"My experiences at cardiac rehab were 100 percent positive. I have the greatest respect for the knowledge possessed by the therapists who worked with me, and the way in which they shared it. They are a truly great group of people."

Photo of Benjamin Franklin feeding the Birds in his backyard.

Thankful for the Personalized Vascular Care He Received Close to Home

Benjamin Franklin - Midland, MI

Avid Gardener, Grandfather and Vascular Surgery Patient

"I have seen enough doctors in my life to be able to say that Dr. Constantinou really stood out. He went beyond seeing me as a condition and patient; he was interested in me as a person. That was new to me."