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Testimonials: Cardiovascular Services

Ronald Young, TAVR and Watchman Implant Patient

Quality Heart Care Gave Him the Strength to Care for His Family Farm

Ronald Young - Gladwin, MI

Husband, Small Farm Owner and TAVR and Watchman Implant Patient

"Dr. Rizk has saved me a couple times when others gave up."

Jim Dorrance, WATCHMAN Implant Recipient

Thanks to a New Procedure, He Can Minimize His Bleeding Risk Safely

Jim Dorrance - Roscommon, MI

Family Man, Builder, Sailboat Racer and Watchman Implant Recipient

"For me, the WATCHMAN procedure was a really good experience."

Jerry Lynch, Watchman Procedure Patient

Advanced Procedure Provided New Hope for His AFib Treatment

Jerry Lynch - Freeland, MI and Ruskin, FL

Husband, Golfer, Daughters' Favorite Handyman and Recipient of a Watchman Implant

"For other people who meet the criteria for the Watchman procedure, I would tell them go for it and not be afraid. It has just been fantastic for me."

Ardis Shields, First Watchman Patient

Local Woman Undergoes the First Watchman Procedure in Midland

Ardis Shields - Midland, MI

Mother, Grandma, and First Recipient of a Watchman Implant in Midland

"I would recommend it to anyone who needs it. If you qualify, go for it! It will change your life."

Is Watchman Right for You?

Annette Frugé, Watchman Program CoordinatorFor more information on the WATCHMAN procedure or to become a patient, call (989) 832-0900 and ask to speak to the Program Coordinator Annette Frugé, R.N.

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